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Self Hypnosis – It’s Safe, Natural, Quick and Effective

Self hypnosis / hypnotherapy can offer relief for many physical, psychological and emotional conditions. Our professionally produced hypnosis therapy CDs and instant MP3 hypnosis downloads have helped thousands of people around the world to make positive changes to their lives. With over 100 different self hypnosis CDs and hypnosis downloads to choose from, we’re confident we can also help you too!

Why Choose Our Hypnotherapy CDs & Self Hypnosis Downloads?

We believe our hypnotherapy CDs and self hypnosis MP3 downloads are the best available anywhere. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think this:

Hypnotherapy by Experts Barrie St John and Donna Lee!

Hypnotherapists Barrie St John & Donna Lee The authors of our self hypnosis CDs and MP3 hypnosis downloads are the brilliant Barrie St John and Donna Lee. They are true experts in the field of hypnotherapy and offer a wealth of experience. Not only are they both hugely experienced hypnotherapists, they also both possess great vocal talent. They have wonderful voices which you’ll find easy to listen to and very relaxing. This is a crucial component of any good hypnotherapy CD or self hypnosis download. We encourage you to learn more about our hypnotherapists – and listen to audio samples of their sessions.

Digitally Mastered Recordings Made by Professionals!

Recording Studio All our self hypnosis CDs and MP3 hypnosis downloads have been produced to the highest quality, using state of the art recording equipment in our professional recording studio. All of our self hypnosis CDs include deeply hypnotic and relaxing background music, along with 3D voice effects, which will help you to relax more than you’ve ever done before. So not only do with have the best hypnotherapists with the amazing vocal talent, but we also use the best recording equipment and latest tecniques to create the best possible self hypnosis CDs and hypnosis downloads (MP3s) available anywhere.

Established Online for Over 13 Years!

13 Years Online BadgeWe’re totally committed to producing the highest quality hypnosis / hypnotherapy recordings we can – and have been doing so since 2002. We have helped tens of thousands of people from over 60 different countries across the world during the past 13 years. We have a proven track record of success in helping others achieve their goals and we are delighted that so many people have put their trust in us. We know from experience that self hypnosis really does work and can help change your life!

A 90-day Money Back Guarantee!

Money Back GuaranteeGuaranteed success with hypnosis comes down to a commitment to oneself and a willingness to change. We know that our self hypnosis CDs and hypnosis downloads are highly effective when used as directed (please see our self hypnosis instructions page). We strongly believe in our self hypnosis therapy products. In fact we are so confident that you will like our hypnotherapy CDs and MP3 hypnosis downloads that we offer a full 90-day money back guarantee (terms apply). So what are you waiting for? Make that change today!

Here Are a Few of the Testimonials We’ve Received…

Hi! I am very pleased with my stop smoking hypnosis CD. It has worked like a charm. I play it once in a while for reinforcement. It is also a fantastic sleep aid. It is very relaxing and puts me right to sleep after about 5 minutes. Interesting. Plus, I have become very fond of Barry. He’s good. Carolyn Drogosch – Fort Myers, Florida, USA.

I would like to thank you so much for your amazing hypnotherapy download for fear of flying. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me. Not only was I able to fly for the first time in 15 years, but now I am looking forward to planning trips in the future. I am so thankful for the help your download gave to me and highly recommend it to anyone who lives with this fear. Jann Sumner – Whitby, Canada.

Your hypnosis CDs have been the best thing I have ever come across. I notice significant and immediate changes and then more subtle changes as time goes on. They have improved me as a person and I will continue to purchase as long as you continue to make them! Keep up the good work. Imran Hussain – Leytonstone, London, UK.

I recently ordered your hypnosis download for self confidence. I have already noticed a difference in my confidence levels and I’ve only been listening to the download for four days. Thanks for such a great product. Sandy Winner – Perth, Australia.

I was blown away with the effectiveness of your hypnosis products, and experienced the desired effects almost immediately. I will definitely be sharing your website with friends and family. Diana Zybala – Toronto, Canada.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everyone is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

These are just a small selection of comments. Please see our testimonials page for more of the genuine hypnosis success stories we’ve received.

Got a Question About Hypnosis, Our Products, or Our Website?

What is hypnosis? Why is self hypnosis so effective? How do your self hypnosis CDs and hypnotherapy downloads work? Can I listen to more than one hypnosis therapy session at a time? Are these recordings suitable for falling asleep to?

These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a daily basis. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive question and answer section. We’ve provided answers to 50 of the most common questions we get asked, covering hypnotism in general, questions about our self hypnosis CDs and hypnosis downloads, along with hints, tips and advice on using them effectively. You’ll also find answers to questions you may have about ordering from our website along with a troubleshooting guide for our MP3 hypnosis downloads. Of course if you still have any questions then please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Please also be aware that we have a substantial amount of articles on website covering a wide range of topics. We have a huge amount of well written and unique articles about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotism, and its related subjects. We hope you find this information helpful and encourage you to browse our website.

Self-hypnosis is a journey worth the undertaking as the benefits are limitless. – Barrie St John.