12 Updated and Improved Sessions

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Updated Self Hypnosis CD Covers

We’re pleased to announce that we have updated several of our self hypnosis sessions. These are all completely new sessions, designed to help you make even more improvements to your life!

If you have previously ordered any of these titles then you are eligible for a free upgrade (see below).

The following self hypnosis sessions have been updated:

Please note: these sessions are currently only available as MP3 downloads. The CD versions will be available again once they are ready and in stock.

Free Upgrades

If you have previously ordered any of the sessions listed above then we recommend you login to your account and download the latest version. Simply login and refresh your account page before downloading them again.

If you do not see your previous sessions within your account then please contact us and we will then manually add the downloads to your account. Please include your previous order number(s) when contacting us. If you ordered any of these sessions several years ago and do not know your order number(s) then please at least give us a rough idea of when you ordered (month and year please!).