16 Updated and Improved Sessions

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We’re pleased to announce that we have updated several of our self hypnosis sessions, including some of our most popular ones. These are all completely new sessions using the latest techniques, and we’re confident that these improvements will help you even more to make the changes you desire.

If you have previously ordered any of these titles then you are eligible for a free upgrade (please scroll to the bottom for the details).

The updated sessions include the following:

* ‘Exercise Motivation’ replaces two previous titles; ‘Start Exercise’ and ‘Exercise Excellence’, so please let us know ,

** ‘General Health & Wellbeing’ has been replaced and renamed as ‘Boost Your Health & Wellbeing’ to better reflect its purpose (and because ‘General’ is such a boring word!).

Plus Some More (Late) Updates

The following titles were updated a while ago, but we made a bit of a mistake. We updated the CD versions of these titles but failed to update the download versions, until today. This was purely down to human error (slaps hand!). If you ordered the CD version then you have the latest version of these titles, but if you ordered the download version before today, then you can get a free upgrade (see below). The titles affected are as follows:

Wait, There’s a New Session Too…

Everything so far has been updates to existing sessions. But we have also just released a new self hypnosis audio program called ‘Staying Free of Alcohol‘ by Barrie St John. This great new session is for those who have successfully broken free of alcohol addiction, but who still may need some additional support on the road to freedom.

Free Upgrades

If you have previously ordered any of the updated sessions listed above then we recommend you upgrade them, free of charge of course. It doesn’t matter whether you ordered them this week or this decade… you’ll always get free upgrades when we update our titles, provided we can verify your purchase. Here’s how to upgrade your session(s):

1. If you have an account with us:

Please login to your account. If you previously ordered any of these sessions and they are listed in your account, simply refresh the screen and download them again.

2. If you have an account but the sessions are not showing up:

In this case please contact us and let us know the order number(s) so we can locate and verify your previous purchase(s). We will then manually add the downloads to your account.

3. If you don’t have an account, but you did previously order from us:

Then please create an account, preferably with the same email address you used when you originally ordered.  Then contact us and include the order number(s) or at least a rough idea of when you ordered (month and year is a minimum requirement).

We do expect to get many requests so please be patient. We will respond to everyone as soon as possible. Also, please add ‘support@selfhypnosis.com’ to your email safe recipients list if your email provider allows, to help prevent any emails from us getting lost. We always reply to emails, but they might not always be received, sadly.

Finally, we shall be releasing more new titles and further updates in the weeks and months ahead. Please check back here when you can, or better yet, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.