4 New ‘Performing Arts’ Self Hypnosis Programs

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CD covers of 4 new sessions

We’re pleased to announce the release of four new self hypnosis audio programs – our first new titles since our switch to SelfHypnosis.com.

The new titles released today are all part of our new ‘Performing Arts‘ category. They are as follows:

  • Dynamic Dancer – suitable for all forms of dance; ballroom, ballet, modern, hip-hop, even tap dancing. This self hypnosis audio program has been designed to help improve your dance skills and build your confidence. Please note, this is intended primarily for people who are serious about dancing, not those with two left-feet (thought it could still offer some help in this regards).
  • Guitar Greatness – The aim of this recording is to help improve your guitar practice sessions and overcome any challenges you face along the way. The session also encourages you to gain the mindset necessary for success.
  • Piano Perfection – Like the guitar session, this one will help you to learn the mindset of some of the greatest performers. It can also help change the way you think about playing the piano and about practicing. Please note, despite the catchy titles, greatness and perfection is only achieved through dedicated learning. It takes time. However, we believe both these sessions can offer tremendous value to your learning.
  • The Inner Actor – self hypnosis provides an ideal tool for developing as an actor or actress. Not only can this session help you  tap into and improve your acting abilities at a subconscious level, but it can also help you to experience a calmer, more relaxed performance experience.

These new titles can be found in our newly created ‘Performing Arts‘ category, which also includes the recently released ‘Singing Confidence‘ and the existing ‘Overcoming Stage Fright‘ session.