7 New Self-Hypnosis Downloads

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We are pleased to announce the release of seven new self-hypnosis audio programs, which we hope will prove helpful for people suffering from these issues. They are as follows:

Beat Bullying – Put an end to the bullying once and for all, whether it’s bullying in the workplace, at school, or in any other setting. Suitable for both adult and children (with supervision).

Deal with Disturbing Sounds – Deal better with noises that disturb you. You cannot eliminate external noise, but you can change what you experience simply by using your mind in another way.

Overcome Noise Sensitivity (Misophonia) – Feel calmer and weaken any emotional associations of noise sensitivity syndrome, whenever it occurs. Suitable for any noise or trigger sound.

Overcome Gaming Addiction – Regain control over computer game addiction in a calm and easy way. Rid yourself of computer games completely, or reduce the frequency of your gaming.

Overcome Porn Addiction – Addresses the feelings and thoughts that encourage the use of porn. Decide to break free and quit completely or just view porn less frequently.

Overcome Sugar Addiction – Turn the tables on sugar once and for all. So instead of being tricked by sugar-coated promises, you can start to take back control.

Stop Binge Drinking – Drink socially without binging on alcohol by regaining control. Learn to drink in a controlled way and make better choices.

We appreciate that these new sessions are rather specific. We’re already working on new sessions that will appeal to a wider range of people. As always, we welcome your feedback.