About Us

We create, develop, produce and distribute the best self-hypnosis audio programs we can to help stimulate, encourage and provide relief for many physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

Established in 2002 by New Way Productions Ltd, we are a company with a strong ethical strategy of honesty and transparency and a commitment to you, our customers. With an emphasis on quality, our exclusive self-hypnosis sessions are produced by the finest in the field of personal change to help target specific problems or life challenges. By combining the best hypnotherapists with our professional approach to audio production, we aim to achieve the wonderful results that we know hypnosis can bring.

Why Us?

  • Exclusive products only available via our website.
  • Recordings voiced by top professional hypnotherapists.
  • All developed using advanced hypnotherapy techniques.
  • Each word is carefully scripted by our team of professionals.
  • More than 175 high quality self-hypnosis sessions and growing.
  • Superior digital audio made in our own professional recording studio.
  • Excellent customer service along with a 90-day full money back guarantee.
  • A proven track record as demonstrated by the many testimonials we’ve received.
  • We’re a trusted company who respects and is committed to protecting your privacy.

Quality Matters

About New Way Productions LtdWe take product development very seriously and the content of each self-hypnosis session is carefully put together by extensively researching, planning, drafting and editing, even before we step into the studio. This attention to detail is overseen by our wonderful team of truly excellent script writers, who have a combined 75+ years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy.

The actual words within each recording are vitally important, but how they are delivered also matters. Thankfully, our authors know a thing or two about that – knowing how to deliver the correct language patterns, with every pause, each breath, the tonality, pitch and speed of voice contributing to a successful session. This is followed up by our extensive post-production, which completes the lengthy process of producing a single self-hypnosis session so that it is the best it can possible be.

We Take Ethics Very Seriously

As a company we maintain a standard of integrity, compassion and dignity towards our customers. We offer a genuine and honest approach to hypnotherapy and this is communicated through our range of products. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and can really help improve your physical, mental, and emotional state, but there are limitations. We firmly believe in our products and we know that each one of our self-hypnosis sessions can be effective, when used as directed.

We know that there are other hypnosis websites that offer products with unrealistic expectations covering topics that we won’t. But we are more concerned about professional ethics and what benefits you, the customer. One of the most important elements in successful therapy is trust and you can put your trust in us!

A Brief History

We started producing our own self-hypnosis audio sessions in 2002 and originally launched our website with a small selection of titles. These included both self-hypnosis CDs and cassette tapes for confidence, weight loss, exercise, smoking, insomnia and another for deep relaxation. We were encouraged by the tremendous feedback so we began to add more titles, continually improving and revising our techniques along the way.

Within a few years we had produced an impressive collection of high quality self-hypnosis sessions by Barrie St John, which were now available as instant MP3 downloads (by this time cassette tapes had become obsolete). In 2008 we started working with Donna Lee to provide more choice to our loyal customers, and more recently with Timothy Rowe and Deborah Dewey. Over the past few years we’ve continued with our tried and tested formula, which has led to the production of over 175 self-hypnosis sessions. All of these remain exclusive to this website, where we continue to provide the best possible service we can.

Future Plans

We are still motivated by the feedback we receive and we are continuously researching, planning and looking forward to producing even more life-enhancing self-hypnosis sessions. At the moment we are working simultaneously on improving some of our existing sessions and adding new ones to our ever growing library of titles.

Stay Connected

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