Setting Goals and Achieving Them with Self-Hypnosis

Lots of people feel as if they are just drifting along in life – continuing to work hard but not really getting anywhere. One main reason for this is because most people don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about what they want from life and haven’t set themselves any goals to look forward to in the future. What is surprising though, is whilst most people know what they don’t want, they rarely know what they do want.

It is a bit like setting off to go on a journey without even thinking or planning where you are going. Is this how you want to live your life? Maybe it is. But if you were planning a holiday, you would be thinking ahead and have some sort of idea about the wonderful destination you were heading to, wouldn’t you? It is good to plan and it is good to prepare. The best way to do this is by making goals.

Start by making small ‘achievable’ goals

The easiest and quickest route to failure and feelings of disappointment is by setting yourself hopelessly unrealistic targets. Instead, aim for small and achievable goals.

If you were going to learn to drive a car you wouldn’t get in it and drive right away, would you? No, because without the right knowledge you’d probably crash. The best way to go about learning to drive might be:

  • Learn the highway code by reading it thoroughly.
  • Arrange your first driving lesson with an instructor.
  • Book more driving lessons and practice, practice, practice.
  • When you’re ready, take the driving test and pass with ease.

The aim is to divide your goal of into sizeable chunks.

This is just one example – but the same principle applies with most things. By making small goals to start with, before long you’ll have reached those really big ‘life changing’ goals. You’ll then be able to look back with great pride and a real sense of satisfaction.

The benefits of reaching your goal are the feelings of your long awaited achievements.

Other goals you could set yourself:

  • Exercise twice a week for 20 minutes.
  • Eat fruit instead of chocolate and sweets.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours every night.
  • Listen to self-hypnosis before bedtime.

All the above are small enough to be achievable. I slipped the last one in because making self-hypnosis a habit in your life is certainly achievable. Listening to self-hypnosis on a regular basis will also help you move on to bigger goals and increase your motivation.

What do you really want?

In order to achieve our goals, we first have to define them. It’s also important that each goal you set is an emotional desire – i.e. you must really feel like you want to achieve each one of them. So make your wishes, but be realistic. What do you want? What can you achieve? Get a picture in your mind of what you want to make a reality.

Let’s say it’s your goal is to have a certain lifestyle, with a particular job and a set amount of money, in three years from now. If you sit and think about it, there are always be a series of steps to get there. There might be four or five, or even six or seven steps to getting what you want. It’s easier to take it in these small chunks, to set several mini-goals while keeping that ultimate picture of what you want your life to be like in mind. Remember, as we travel along the path to achieving our goals, we may find that what we want changes. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not failure; we simply adjust our goals and steps accordingly.

How can self-hypnosis help you achieve your goals?

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful way of helping you to achieve your goals because it enables you to get your subconscious on board and in sync with your conscious goals. We have a range of self-hypnosis audio recordings that can help motivate you to plan your future. Not only that, you can use self-hypnosis to work on specific issues and to develop and expand your imagination and thereby increase your motivational capacities so you get more from your life and feel happier about your future.

Of course, you don’t need to use self-hypnosis. The action of setting goals is a powerful process by itself. But spending a 20 minutes or so a day listening to our self-hypnosis downloads will help speed the process along and keep you motivated. We can help you to plan your ideal future and by using self-hypnosis you can motivate yourself to turn your future into reality. You really can create yourself something to look forward to.

Remember that change doesn’t always happen overnight, but by setting mini-goals and using self-hypnosis you can get there sooner than you think. If you feel like you’re just drifting along, just know that there are things you can do right now to create a compelling future for yourself, so start today!