The ‘Smart Session’ App Guide

Listen to our self hypnosis sessions like never before!

Our ‘Smart Session’ app for iOS and Android devices provides you with a totally unique listening experience. Using the latest in mobile audio technology, our app gives you greater control and more choice over how you listen to our self hypnosis programs.ios and android smart session app

Please note: at the moment around 75% of our self hypnosis downloads are Smart Session enabled. Those that have yet to be converted into Smart Sessions will still play within the app as regular MP3 downloads.

The app is free to download and is designed to synchronize with your existing account. Any sessions that you have ordered from us will automatically appear and will be available to download once you login to the app.

How to Get Started

The first step is to download and install the app on your device. If you already have the previous version of our iOS app then please uninstall it along with all data / files via the settings area of your device before proceeding.

For iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), please click here:

Button for the app store

For Android devices, please click here:

Button for the Play Store

Download and install the app as you would any other app for your device. Once it has been installed you should see the shortcut icon on the screen of your device. Open the app by clicking on the icon.

Log into Your Account

Screenshot of app login pageOnce you open the app you will be presented with a login screen. Please log into the app using the same username and password credentials you use for our website.

Please note: we recommend logging into the app with a regular username / password due to issues with social login (we are working on fixing this!). If you registered on the website with a social login then please click here to login to go to your account page and click ‘sign out’ at the top of the page. On the login page click ‘lost password’ and enter the email address associated with your account (same as the social login). Then follow the instructions to set the password. Login to the app with your username and password.

If you login to our website via social login (Amazon, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn) then you can also do this on the app by clicking on the relevant icon(s) below the login fields. Please only use these options if you have already connected your account with a social login.

To clarify – you need to login to the app the same way you do for your customer account on our website. If you have forgotten your password then please click go to your account page here on the website and click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page (if you are already logged in, then log out). If you still have problems logging in then please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

The Welcome Screen (Android devices only)

There is no welcome screen on the iOS version of the app, so kindly skip this step if applicable.

Icon for sessions pageOnce you have logged into the app you will see a welcome page. This page includes alerts and announcements that will change from time to time. Please click on the folder icon (as shown) at the bottom of the welcome screen to access your sessions.

The Sessions Page

Screenshot of sessions screen on appOn this screen you will see a list of all available downloads for your account. This should show the same list of available downloads as when you login to your account on our website.

If you have not ordered from us yet, then nothing will show up on this page. The app is for our customers and for accessing any downloads ordered via our website. When you order from us, any downloads will automatically show up within the app.

If you have ordered from us and you do not see all of your sessions, then please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page for the possible reasons and solutions.

Download Your Session(s)

Before playing a recording it needs to be downloaded. To do this, click on the download icon that is located to the right of the session’s name. If you have more than one session, then we recommend you download them one at a time. Please be patient and wait until each session has downloaded fully before doing anything else.

How quickly the session downloads depends upon the speed of your internet connection, but once a file has downloaded the download icon will be replaced with a play button. Pressing the play icon will take you to the ‘Player’ page.

The Player Page

Screenshot of player page on the appThis is the screen where you play your session(s).

Settings IconIf you can see a settings icon (as shown) in the top right corner on the player page, then your session is a Smart Session. If you do not see the settings icon, then your session is a regular download and all you need to do is make yourself comfortable, press play and enjoy the recording.

The remainder of this guide will focus on Smart Sessions (please click here for a list of our Smart Sessions) and the available options.

If you are using the iOS version of our app then you will be prompted to configure the settings before playing a Smart Session. We also recommend Android users go to the settings page before playing a session for the first time.

To open the settings page, please click the settings icon in the top right corner.

The Settings Page

The settings page is where you configure the settings for a Smart Session. To repeat, this page is only shown for Smart Sessions.

There is an important difference between the iOS and Android versions of the app when you open the settings page for the first time:

iOS version – when you first open the settings page the default ‘induction’, ‘ending’, and ‘background music’ files (which we’ll explain in a moment) will automatically start downloading. It’s important that you allow them all to download fully before leaving the page or making any changes to the settings. The background music will take longer to download due to it’s size. Please be patient.

Android version – the Android app works slightly different, in that the default files are downloaded on the ‘sessions’ page of the app. When you open the settings page the default files will already be selected. We still recommend you check the settings page before playing a session for the first time.

We will now explain in detail about each section of the settings page and what changes you can make to a Smart Session.


Screenshot of induction settingsInducing the state of hypnosis is known as an ‘induction’. There are many ways to bring on a hypnotic state and the most effective method is known as the ‘Progressive Relaxation Induction’ – which is a very pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable experience. It typically involves focusing on specific areas of the body. As the body relaxes, so too does the mind. Guided imagery and hypnotic suggestion is used to help deepen the state.

Our regular sessions typically use the same induction, but with a Smart Session you now have a choice of 5 different inductions. They are all designed to relax you deeply before the all-important therapeutic part of a session. We recommend you experiment and discover which ones work best for you. Here is a brief overview of the different inductions:

A Calm Thinking-Feeling

Experience a wonderful thinking-feeling relaxation that gently spreads up through the body. This helps create a sense of deep inner calm and comfort without you even having to think about it.

A Smooth, Steady, Rhythm

Relax to the beating of your own heart and the absolute steadiness of your body’s rhythm. This ‘body awareness’ style induction is designed to relax you deeply and is almost impossible to resist.

Loose, Limp and Relaxed

Drift easily and naturally into hypnotic relaxation with this classic induction. Experience a relaxing energy that spreads from head to toe, as your muscles unwind and become loose, limp, and relaxed.

Please note: this is the default induction, as used on many of our sessions.

The Rainbow of Relaxation

This is an imaginative induction which uses the colours of the rainbow to help relax the body and clear the mind. This is particularly suitable for those with good visualisation skills and an active imagination.

Waves of Deep Relaxation

Experience the pleasant sensation of relaxing energy that flows down the body in waves. Effortlessly wash away those everyday tensions and discover a deepening sense of calm and relaxation.

We recommend you experiment with the different inductions to see which ones you prefer.

The Length of Induction

Screenshot of induction length settingsIn addition to a choice of inductions, a Smart Session also allows you to alter the duration of the selected induction. You can choose from 3 different options; full length, medium or short. The approximate duration for each option is as follows:

  • Full length = approximately 11 to 12 minutes.
  • Medium = approximately 8 minutes.
  • Short = approximately 5 to 6 minutes.

If you are new to hypnotherapy or our recordings then we recommend you start by listening to a full length induction, which is the default option and the same as a regular download or the CD version. If you are an experienced listener who can relax quickly then you may prefer to select either the medium or short length induction. Of course, the choice is yours!

To select a different induction and/or induction length, simply click on the small download icon next to your choice. Allow the file to download. Once it has downloaded, click on your choice so that it is ticked and therefore selected.

Choice of Endings

Screenshot of end settings for appOur existing CD’s and MP3 downloads almost always (there are a few exceptions) end with a wake up section to bring you out of the hypnotic state. With a Smart Session you now have a choice. You can either choose to be awoken at the end of the session, or be gently guided into natural sleep.

The default ending for most sessions is the ‘wake up’ ending. This will automatically download the first time you use the app. If you wish to switch to the ‘sleep’ ending then click on the download icon next to it, give it time to download, then click on it so that it is ticked.

Background Music

Good quality background music can help you relax and is an important part of any session. A Smart Session allows you to choose a favourite from 12 different background tracks.


Edge of Paradise

Floating Stars

Golden Seashore

Heart Song

Just Let Go

Meditation Melody

Peaceful Soul


Rising Light

The Magic Garden

Tranquil Trance

Our regular sessions use the ‘Reflections’ and ‘The Magic Garden’, so if you have used any of our recordings before then you should be familiar with these tracks.

The ‘Reflections’ background music track is downloaded automatically by default. Please allow this time to download before selecting another option, if you wish to. To download another track simply click on the download icon next to it, give it time to download, and then click on it so that it is ticked and therefore selected.

Background Music Volume

A Smart Session also enables you to change the level of the background music. The volume control is at the bottom of the settings page:

Example of volume controller

Please note; our sessions are designed to be listened to with relaxing background music. Whilst it is possible to lower the volume of the backing track to zero, we do not recommend doing so. Instead, we recommend you find a music track from the selection that you find most relaxing.

Saving the Settings

To save your settings and return to the player page, please press ‘Done’ at the top of the page (on the iOS app), or click on the blue tick icon (on the Android app).

Depending on your device it may take a few moments to load the new settings. You may experience a long delay (of over 1 minute in some cases) if you are using an old iOS device. If so, please be patient and give it time to load.

FAQs / Troubleshooting

Got a question about our app? If so, you may find the answer here:

I have forgotten my password. How can I login to the app?

Please go to your account page.

Click 'sign out' at the top if you're already logged in. Then on the login page click the ‘forgot password’ link. This will take you to the password reset page. Please follow the instructions on that page.

If you created an account with one of our social logins (Facebook, Google, Amazon) and wish to login on the app using a regular username / password, please follow the above instructions. If you enter the same email address for your social login in the 'lost password' field, you will be able to set a password. Then use your email address and this password to login on the app.

I'm having issues downloading (Android). What can I do?

We are aware that some users (Android) have problems downloading sessions within the app. If you get a spinning download icon or nothing seems to happen, then please do as follows (this may differ slightly depending on your device):

Settings > Apps > > clear data.

This will clear the app but keep it, so like it's a fresh install. This should fix any download issue.

If not, please check if you have recently installed any security or VPN type apps. There are a small number of apps that can sometimes clear the files by mistake.

How do I install the app onto my phone or tablet?

For iOS (Apple) devices, please click here.

For Android devices, please click here.

Full instructions are provided on this page, so please be sure to scroll up and read them.

Does the Android app work on Amazon Fire / Kindle devices?

No, unfortunately it will not work on these devices. Amazon uses a different version of Android which means it has far fewer apps to choose from. We hope in the future to have a version that will work on Amazon devices, but it may take a while.

Which recordings are available as Smart Sessions?

Please see our list of Smart Session ready downloads. Currently over 70% of our recordings are enabled. Those not yet ready as Smart Sessions will still play within the app, but as regular MP3 downloads.

Do I have to pay more for a Smart Session?

No. Even though you get far more options with a Smart Session, there are no additional fees.

I previously ordered some of your CDs / MP3 downloads. Do I need to reorder?

No, you never need to re-order the same sessions from us. Please install the app and it should list all the sessions you have previously ordered from us. If any are missing then please contact us using the form below (but first, please read the answer to the next question).

Downloads I ordered are not showing up in the app. Why?

Please first login to your account by going here:

Whatever shows up on your account on our website should also show up on the app. If certain sessions show up on your account page but not within the app then please contact us using the form below. When contacting us please be sure to use the same email address that you use for your account.

If there are orders missing from your account on our website, then it is most likely because in the past it was possible to place orders with us without having to setup an account. The app only shows what is in your account, so old orders that are not linked to an account will not show up. Don’t worry; we can manually recreate old orders for you.

Please contact us and let us know which of your previous orders are not associated with your account. We will need to verify your details, so please supply an order number or a date of purchase, along with the email address you used when ordering.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?

Yes and no. You do not need to be online to listen to a session because files are saved to your device. The audio is not streamed. However, you do need to be connected to the internet to login and download any files. If you want to listen whilst offline, then please make sure you have already logged into the app and do not logout.

I don’t have an Apple or Android device. Can I still get your downloads?

Our Smart Sessions only work from within the app(s). But our regular downloads will play on any device capable of playing MP3 files. You can access any downloads you have purchased from us by going to your account page.:

All downloads will be listed under ‘Available Downloads’.

If you have an iOS or Android device then we strongly recommend you use our app(s) as it will give you more listening options and greater choice. If you don’t have such a device then you can still listen and benefit from our regular downloads.

Can I order and pay for new sessions from within the app?

No. The app simply links to your existing account. All orders need to be made via our website. Any downloads you order will then appear within the app. In the future it may become possible to order from within the app, but not at this time.

Please see our main FAQ page for more general queries.

Your Feedback

If you encounter any technical problems then please contact us let us know and we’ll do our best to assist you.

We also welcome your feedback on what can be improved.