The ‘Smart Session’ Self Hypnosis App

Listen to self hypnosis like never before with our unique app for iOS (Apple) and Android devices

Image of appOur new and exclusive ‘Smart Session’ app allows you to easily download your self hypnosis sessions (those you purchase on our website) directly onto your phone or tablet. But that’s not all. The app also allows you to fine-tune your listening experience with a range of unique features.

The Smart Session app is a completely free add-on that synchronizes with your account. It does not matter whether you order the CD or instant download versions of our sessions.

If you have an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) or Android compatible device, then you will have the option of using our amazing new app.

App Features

Using the latest in mobile audio technology, our Smart Session app allows you to do the following:
Easily Download, Save and Store

Quickly download and save your self hypnosis sessions directly onto your phone or tablet. Benefit from easy access to all the self hypnosis sessions, for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

A Choice of Hypnotic Inductions

There's more than one way to induce the hypnotic state and our app gives you greater choice by allowing you to choose from a variety of hypnotic inductions, all designed to relax you deeply.

Change the Length of a Session

For even greater flexibility, our app gives you the option to alter the duration of a self hypnosis session. Choose either the full length, medium or short version. The choice is yours!

Choose a Wake-Up or Sleep Ending

Most of our self hypnosis sessions end by gently waking you. With our app you can choose your preferred ending instead. Choose to be awoken, or choose to be gently guided into deep, natural sleep.

Select Your Background Music

High quality background music is an important part of any self hypnosis session. Our app allows you to choose from a collection of 12 different background music tracks and use the most relaxing one for you.

Adjust the Volume of the Music

Our app also allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the background music. This powerful feature means you can fine-tune your session and discover your ideal balance between the vocal and the music.


Please note: the above list of features are only available for our Smart Session enabled audio programs. Over 70% of our self hypnosis downloads are Smart Sessions. Those that have yet to be converted will still play within the app as regular MP3 downloads.

To learn more about our app we recommend you spend some time reading our Smart Session guide. This includes all you need to know about installing and setting up the app on your device, along with an overview of the features and a comprehensive list of FAQs.