Creative Visualization and Self Hypnosis

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The power of visualization

Creative visualization is a technique that can help to create rapid and lasting change. We use it extensively within our self hypnosis recordings, because it is such a powerful form of suggestion and will often produce good results where pure suggestion using mainly words might otherwise fail. Visualization is probably one of the least exploited […]

The Power of Words and Positive Self-Talk

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Do you ever stop to think about the words you use in everyday life? As a hypnotherapist, I am very much aware of the language and words that I use in everyday life. For me, it is like an automatic correction facility I have ingrained in my mind. Knowing how the words that we use […]

Developing a Positive Attitude with Self-Hypnosis

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Think positively! You have probably heard this so many times that the phrase has lost its meaning. But having a positive attitude does not mean that you have to be happy, no matter what. Actually, it is about paying attention to what is happening around you and to react appropriately. A positive attitude is what […]

Setting Goals and Achieving Them with Self-Hypnosis

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Lots of people feel as if they are just drifting along in life – continuing to work hard but not really getting anywhere. One main reason for this is because most people don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about what they want from life and haven’t set themselves any goals to look forward to in […]

How Peer Support Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Illustration to represent support

I often like to refer to our self-hypnosis CDs and downloads as ‘Personal Change Programs’. They are personal because they are intended for use by one person, you. They are also private and you can work on personal issues without having to tell anyone. Privacy is important, particularly for some sensitive issues that you might […]