5 New Sessions and Updates

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CD covers of 5 new titles

We are pleased to announce the release of 5 new self hypnosis titles. They are as follows: Build a Growth Mindset Overcome the Fear of Success Overcome Performance Anxiety Pool Perfection Dynamic Darts You can read more about each by following the links. We highly recommend ‘Build a Growth Mindset’, which is suitable for everyone! We have also […]

New ‘Smart Session’ App for iOS and Android

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Announcement of new app version

We are delighted to announce the release of our new and exciting ‘Smart Session’ app for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. The app uses the latest in mobile audio technology to give you greater control and more choice over how you listen to our self hypnosis sessions. This app is so much more than just […]

New Sports Hypnosis Audio Programs

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Covers of new sports hypnosis titles

We are pleased to announce the release of three amazing new sports hypnosis sessions that can be used for just about any type of sport. They are as follows: Peak Performance – this session is designed to boost your confidence and focuses on the process of improving your next performance, no matter what sport you’re […]

20 Updated and Improved Sessions

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Image of updated titles

We are pleased to announce that we have just released new and improved versions of the following titles by Barrie St John: Overcome Agoraphobia Overcome Claustrophobia Overcome Fear of Dogs Overcome Fear of Injections Overcome Fear of Spiders Fantastic Football (Soccer) Overcome Grief Overcome Guilt Healthy Clear Skin IBS Management Manage your Blood Pressure Mind Body […]

New Feature – Choose a Hypnotherapist

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As you may be aware, our website was recently updated. The changes we made last month allow us to now offer multiple versions for our self hypnosis titles, all from the same product page. This means for certain sessions you can now choose your preferred hypnotherapist. Today we have started this process by introducing 19 […]

CD’s Available For All Our Titles

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A collection of CDs

A few years ago all of our self hypnosis programs were available in both MP3 and CD formats. But as we introduced new titles and updated older recordings, many became download only as we chose not to produce CD’s for them. It became uneconomical to have all titles available in CD format, due to slowing […]

Website Update – New Look, New Features

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Screenshot of our new look website

Our website has just had a makeover! We are delighted with the new design, which has taken months of hard work. We hope you will find the website more visually appealing and easier to use. We have made many changes, all designed to make our website more user friendly. The most obvious change for regular customers, aside […]

7 Updates and 3 New Sessions

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We are pleased to announce the release of 10 new sessions by Barrie St John. The following are new and improved versions of existing sessions: Overcome the Fear of Death Overcome the Fear of Dentists Overcome the Fear of Flying Overcome the Fear of Heights Increase Your Energy & Vitality Find Happiness & Contentment Healthy Eating […]

3 Replacements and 3 New Sessions

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CD covers of new titles

We are pleased to announce the release of some new titles which we recently recorded with Deborah Dewey. The following releases are replacements of existing sessions: Easy Natural Childbirth Manage Morning Sickness Get Over a Relationship (this replaces ‘Deal with Divorce’, which has been discontinued) If you have previously ordered any of the above sessions […]

Creative Relaxation Updates

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We recently re-recorded completely new versions of our creative relaxation range of sessions. These wonderfully soothing recordings allow you to take a short timeout from life, where you can let go of all those everyday worries, cares, and concerns. The updated sessions include the following: Dolphin Visions The Magical Forest Tropical Paradise Each recording has been completely […]