The Importance of Good Rapport in Therapy

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Illustration showing two people on the same wavelength

Put simply, rapport means getting on well with somebody. We often say that rapport is when two people “are on the same wavelength.” It is the key to any effective communication and when it comes to therapy, good rapport is essential. There are many ways to achieve rapport with people and improve communications in all […]

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

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Illustration to represent post hypnotic suggestion

Hypnotic suggestions are those that are intended to have an effect while an individual is in a state of hypnosis. Whereas post-hypnotic suggestions, as the name suggests, are intended to have an effect later on, outside of the hypnotic state. We use both suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestion within each of our self-hypnosis CDs and MP3 […]

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

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Illustration of human body in the hypnotic state

When we talk about the experience of hypnosis, it is important to know that there is no such thing as a “hypnotized feeling.” There is no specific feeling that is associated with hypnosis. However, there are feelings that can be recognised as belonging to the state of hypnosis and we shall explore some of these […]

The State of Hypnosis – A Natural, Hypnotic Trance State

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Illustration of the hypnotic trance state

Hypnosis is a totally natural state for the human mind to be in – absolutely everybody has been hypnotized literally thousands of times in their life without necessarily knowing it. You pass through the hypnotic state whenever you go to sleep and when you awaken again. With our help, you can learn how to use […]

Hypnotic Inductions

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Illustration demonstrating classic inductions

Inducing the state of hypnosis is known as an “Induction.” There is no limit on the type of inductions that can be used to induce hypnosis. There are literally hundreds of ways to bring on a hypnotic state, probably even thousands. The vast majority of hypnotherapists use just their voice, but there are all sorts […]

Hypnotic Suggestion

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Illustration of hypnotic suggestions

Hypnotic suggestion takes two distinctly different forms. The first is one we give during our self hypnosis sessions that are intended to produce a desirable result for the listener within the session itself. For example, one of our hypnotherapists might suggest something like; “you will go deeper with each word I speak and each breath […]

Hypnosis and Suggestion

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Illustration of hypnotic speech bubbles

It is often said that hypnosis is suggestion, but there is actually a quite enormous difference between them. Hypnosis is a state of mind and suggestion is the formation of an idea. The two work wonderfully well together because hypnosis increases most people’s suggestibility, which then makes them susceptible to suggestion – much more so […]

Hypnotherapy vs. Psychotherapy

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Illustration to represent hypnotherapy and another for psychotherapy

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and psychotherapy is an umbrella term for the many different ways of helping people with their thoughts and emotions. Hypnotherapy falls into this category, so the purpose of this article is to compare it with traditional forms of psychotherapy, such as working with a psychologist, psychiatrist or even […]

Direct vs. Indirect Hypnotic Suggestion

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Illustration for direct suggestion and indirect suggestion

Suggestions can be direct – that is, we tell someone what we want. An example is: “You will feel warmth in your hands.” Or a suggestion can be indirect: “I wonder if you can imagine how it would be if you were wearing fleecy lined gloves…” When it comes to hypnotic suggestion, both forms have […]

Hypnotherapy for Children – Is Hypnosis Suitable?

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Illustration of children playing with hypnotic effect

Children tend to have immediate success with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They often respond far quicker than adults do. This is primarily because children have highly active imaginations and the imagination is one of the keys to success with hypnotherapy. Children are also more suggestible due to the fact that they have had fewer life experiences. […]