Self-Hypnosis Recordings vs Live Hypnotherapy

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Illustration show hypnotherapist with client versus person listening to self hypnosis

Are self hypnosis recordings just as valuable as visiting a hypnotherapist in person? Well, it would be easy for us to say that self hypnosis CDs and downloads are better in every way, but that would be dishonest. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. The purpose of this article is to examine some […]

Self Hypnosis and the Time Frame for Change

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A hypnotic illustration of time

How long will it take before I notice any positive changes from self hypnosis? This is one of our most frequently asked questions and it is impossible to give a definitive answer. Not only does it depend on the nature of the problem, but, we are all unique and everyone’s experience of hypnosis is also […]

Everyone Can Benefit From Self-Hypnosis

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I believe that almost everybody can benefit from self hypnosis. There is no doubt that some people are more suggestible than others. In other words, some people are more likely to accept hypnotic suggestion and make it part of their inner world. It can be because they are able to relax deeply more easily, or because they […]

Creative Relaxation is the Key

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We know that hypnosis is brought on by suggestion, or more accurately that hypnosis is suggestion, but the thing to remember is that hypnosis is also relaxation, deep relaxation.