The Length of Self Hypnosis Recordings

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Hypnotic sound wave illustration

How long should a self hypnosis audio CD or download last? Well, we believe that around 20 to 25 minutes is best. This time frame is actually imposed and supported by our bodies’ natural Ultradian Rhythms. Our own professional and personal experience also suggests that around 20 to 25 minutes, possibly 30 minutes at most, […]

The 3 Steps for Self-Hypnosis Success

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The benefits of self-hypnosis are almost limitless. In order to get the maximum benefit, it is important to follow our self-hypnosis instructions and read the valuable advice presented to you here, before listening to our self-hypnosis recordings. Let us start by looking at when, where and how you should listen to our self-hypnosis sessions. Step […]

Listening to Multiple Self Hypnosis Sessions

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Multiple Self Hypnosis Sessions

We are often asked, “How many self hypnosis sessions can I use at once?” The answer to this question is… “It depends.” There is some recent research that suggests that we are often more successful when we deal with two or more issues simultaneously. This challenges the traditional viewpoint of it being best to “fight […]

Listening to Hypnosis All Night

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Many people choose hypnotherapy because it is a much more rapid form of treatment than other options, such as traditional psychotherapy. Quite simply, they want fast results and hope that the use of hypnosis will get them there. And it’s true, you can accomplish quite a bit in a rather short amount of time with […]

The iDownloads App for Your iPhone / iPad

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Please note: this article is no longer valid as the iDownloads app no longer works as it once did. If you find an app that does work then please let us know. One of our most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few months is; “How do I download one of your self hypnosis MP3s directly onto my iPhone […]

Self Hypnosis Packages

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We often get asked by our valued customers for suggestions on which hypnotherapy sessions compliment each other. With that in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions. These packages or ‘bundles’ represent great value for money and have been put together specifically to help you ‘create and develop’ even more personal change for yourself. As we […]

Hypnosis MP3 Download Instructions

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We know that some people still prefer to order our hypnosis CDs because they are not quite sure how to order the MP3 format. We’ve therefore put together the following instructions, which show you how to correctly download your hypnosis MP3 order and sync it up with iTunes. You can store our MP3s on any software platform, […]

How Hypnosis CD’s Work – The Process in 4 Steps

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There are four main steps to the process of our hypnosis CD’s and hypnosis downloads, we have body and physical relaxation, mind relaxation, imagery and positive suggestion, and back to full awareness.