Blog Update – New Categories

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Image for new categoriesOver the years we’ve built up quite a substantial collection of articles on the subject of self-hypnosis and related topics. We’re very proud of the content of our blog – which now stands at over 150 unique articles.

As part of our recent website updates, we have taken the time to improve our blog and make it easier for you to browse through the articles. We’ve created a bunch of new categories, which you can see listed in the right side-bar of the blog (and below). Each category is fairly self-explanatory and we hope this makes it easier for you to read the content that most interests you:

We hope you enjoy our blog and we will continue to publish more articles in the future. It’s always nice to know that our readers enjoy them. Here’s one such message we received last week:

“Thank you for so succinctly delineating the link between hypnosis and meditation! I just finished reading “Meditation vs. Hypnosis“, and feel so vindicated in what I’ve been telling my Sangha for the past three months.”