Continued Learning is the Key

Continued learning is very important. Whether it’s a book, a DVD or a seminar, I continue to learn and read about hypnosis practices as part of my continued professional development. There’s always a new perspective or way of looking at things.

Aside from the professional training that is out there, if you’re willing to look there are always new things a hypnotherapist can learn from his or her clients. Clients all have new and different experiences to share, especially when they begin exploring inside themselves through hypnosis and understanding their own personal mystery. There’s always a new reason for a particular problem and always a new way of solving it.

Of course, it’s really important that I, as a therapist, am willing to learn. I’ve met people that believe they know everything there is to know about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It always makes giggle a bit inside because I think that’s just absolutely ridiculous. All of life, including hypnotherapy, is a learning process and we evolve and change as we go. My hypnotherapy practices are different now than they were five or ten years ago. This is simply because I’ve got new information on board that I picked up from experiences on my way to where I am now. My model and my way of working with hypnosis have changed with each encounter. The change is not always drastic of course, but there’s always something to learn from every situation.

Continuing to learn about hypnosis through research and from working with people is very important to me. In order to do this I have to remain open to new things and not walk around like I already know it all. I also have to seek out and research new books, new courses, and new people to talk to. That’s all a part of learning.

If there are some areas in your life or in your hypnosis that have become stagnant, consider seeking out new information and trying to see things in a different light. Continued learning is the key to personal growth and never really stops. The opportunity to learn new things is all around us, we just have to be willing participants.