Creative Relaxation is the Key

We know that hypnosis is brought on by suggestion, or more accurately that hypnosis is suggestion, but the thing to remember is that hypnosis is also relaxation, deep relaxation. I often refer to hypnosis as creative relaxation in my self hypnosis recordings because it is the creative use that I call therapy.

You know, people seem to think that reading a book or sitting down and having a cup of tea or coffee is relaxation. It’s only when they take time out to relax properly that they realise the difference. Real relaxation, like the kind experienced in hypnosis, brings our systems back into balance. It’s almost like we’ve been refuelled or as if our batteries have been recharged. Whatever metaphor you want to use for it, it has a fantastic effect on all the systems of the body – emotional, psychological, and physical. I take time to make sure I relax every day. A deep, therapeutic, creative relaxation, that I call hypnosis.

Many people say that they relax in their sleep and don’t see a need to do it during the day, but hypnosis provides an entirely different relaxation experience than sleep does. Most literature supports the belief that hypnosis is more beneficial and useful than any other type of relaxation. Remember when we sleep we move around and change position quite a lot, even though we might not be aware of it. When someone is hypnotised or is listening to one of my self hypnosis CDs or hypnosis downloads they generally stay very still, because they’re actually experiencing a deeper form of relaxation.

Hypnosis brings with it many health benefits as well. It can lower blood pressure, alleviate physical pains, reduce stress, and certainly help to reduce the pressures present in our everyday lives. If you spend just five, ten, or twenty minutes a day relaxing in hypnosis, the benefits will be noticeable throughout your life. It’s like dropping a pebble in a pond and allowing the ripples of relaxation to keep coming and washing over you throughout the day. You’ll see that you’re able to think more clearly and just generally feel better all around.

Surely there are people who have doubts and don’t believe that relaxation or hypnosis can provide such benefits, to these people I say – just try it and you’ll see! After a few weeks of listening to my hypnosis recordings, check out how you feel. Experiencing the deep relaxation that hypnosis provides will make a difference in your life, you’ll see.