Dealing with Negativity and Negative News

I was talking to someone recently and they said that they rarely watch the news on TV, whether it be national or international, because it can be so upsetting. I personally watch the news daily in order to stay informed. I am a citizen of the world and I prefer to be actively aware of what is going on, than to be clueless. However, it is true that much of the news we see on TV is negative. If you do hear something positive then it is quickly brushed aside for the next update on a tragedy or political happening.

Unfortunately we cannot protect ourselves from all negativity. We can however, realize and accept information and decide how we are going to respond to it. We have a choice, whether or not to take something on board. Things happen in the world. We cannot live in a bubble. By ignoring reality we end up limiting ourselves and preventing opportunities for growth. You have the ability to choose what your emotional reactions are and how much baggage to carry from them. You are in control of your inner world. Not watching the news just to avoid having to deal with it is kind of like admitting failure. Where are the opportunities for learning and growth if we shut ourselves off from the world?

Negativity will always be around. If I go out with a group of people that are negative, full of complaints and constantly moaning, then when I come home I can feel that negativity still around me. The same happens when you go out with friends that are fun-loving and able to live in the moment and have a good time. It can rub off on you in a positive way. Have you ever experienced this? Other people massively affect our mood. This is where we have to make a conscious decision to let go of our stress, whether it originated in us, or from someone else. We do not have to let it bring us down. It comes down to choice and accepting your place, your own active role in your emotional experience.

Self hypnosis can help us accomplish this by changing our subconscious dialogue. We can replace negative thoughts and actions with positive ones through deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestion. Hypnotherapy can help us learn to be more in control of our emotions, our reactions to stressful situations and helps us to separate ourselves from outer turmoil by calming our own inner world. Whether it is the negativity from news, friends, or personal disapproval of your own actions, hypnosis lets us teach our mind how to sift out the bad and keep the good, to calmly look at the world and ourselves, then see the positives. With the help of your subconscious mind you can begin to grow from your experiences rather than suffer from them. You can be the one with the contagious joy.

You do not have to stop watching the news, ignore friends, or build a bubble around yourself to prevent negativity from affecting you. All you have to do is make a choice. If you struggle with this ability, consider using hypnosis to improve your Positive Thinking, Stop Worrying or help you with overall Stress Management. You will be happy that you did.