Deep Sleep and 4 New Sessions

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CD covers showing new titles

We are pleased to announce the release of small selection of new self-hypnosis sessions.

Deep Sleep – this session helps create good sleep habits for those who suffer from poor quality sleep. We already have a very popular session called ‘Sleep Now!’, for people who find it hard to fall asleep. ‘Deep Sleep’ helps with this aspect of insomnia too, but it is also for those who suffer from restless sleep, such as waking up during the night. They are both excellent sessions that complement each other and can help you develop the right mindset for a good night’s sleep.

Our other new titles include the following:

Increase Your Sex Drive – encourages greater pleasure in sex and a desire to enjoy sex more frequently. This session is suitable for both men and women.

Overcome Delayed Ejaculation – the opposite of ‘Premature Ejaculation’. This session can help give men greater control over the timing of sexual ejaculation.

Sexual Confidence – this session has been designed for both men and women who want to be able to relax and enjoy fulfilling sexual relationships.

Control Hot Flushes – to help women manage and reduce the severity of menopausal hot flushes.

We are actively working on more new recordings. We hope these will be ready in a matter of weeks, so stay tuned!