Dental Hypnosis – Beyond My Wildest Expectations!

Last week we received a wonderful email from a very satisfied customer with a great story to tell. It’s always nice to get testimonials and we always ask if we can include the comments on our site. But this one is a bit special – probably our greatest testimonial to date. So we’d like to share it with you here (of course with full permission)…

My name is Chere McCoy and I am the one that Lawrence bought the dental hypnosis download for.

Today I had my first appointment (it will take 3) for my root canal and it went perfectly – beyond my wildest expectations or dreams!

I need to give you some background so you know just how bad it was for me before I used the download.

Due to some horrendous experiences with dentist I had not seen a dentist in over 20 years. Even back then they would give me valium to take the night before and another to take one hour before my appointment. These did not help much because by the time I got to the dental chair I was practically catatonic with fear, in tears and the dentist didn’t want to work with me.

About two months ago one of my teeth (C3) was very badly abscessed and even though I was in great pain I just couldn’t bring myself to see a dentist. I went to see my VA (Veteran’s Administration) therapist and we took baby steps to work me toward seeing a dentist. Finally the week before Christmas I made it to the point I could actually interview dentist (this was suggested by my therapist). I interviewed three in one day – I cannot tell you the horrible anxiety I experienced just going into the office’s simply to speak with the receptionist.

One of the dentists had been recommend by the owner of the Salon where I rent a booth and I interviewed his people; they were kind and understanding. The upshot of that day was that even though I was in tears and totally exhausted (and this was just talking about it) I made an appointment for the week after Christmas. Larry went with me to the dentist (as I get so anxious that whatever they tell me I hear but don’t retain). The dentist went very slowly and explained everything (which Larry later went over in detail with me) and gave lots and lots of options (usually the dentist just very gruffly tell you what needs to be done and that is that). So even though after the appointment I was in tears and totally exhausted (remember all the dentist did was look at my teeth during this appointment), Larry and I agreed that he would be a good dentist for me.

The next day I was doing a manicure on my friend and she recommended seeing a hypnotist. Unfortunately I didn’t have the $185.00 they charge here so I felt hopeless.

Larry and I went on the web and looked at several sites and listened to examples. We decided yours seemed to be the most relaxing and would fit me (if you have questions as to why we thought it fit please e-mail and I will explain).

You will have to check your records for when Larry purchased theĀ mp3 download but I think it was about 1/16/2011.

Larry downloaded it. Every single night before bed I would use my headphones to listen, every single morning I got up at 5:30 put on my headphones and listened again.

Moving forward to last Sunday (72 hours prior to 1st appointment for root canal) I didn’t have any anxiety and had not broken into goose bumps, hives, nor had I felt sick to my stomach. I was doing just fine. Last night I wasn’t going to take the valium but Larry said I should take it just in case. Before going to bed I played the mp3 download he bought. At 5:30 this morning I played my download again. At 9:00am I took my other valium. Now it use to be that I didn’t sleep the night before and was a basket case in tears, regurgitating and hyperventilating the night before – not this time! Even this morning I felt pretty good. I was a little nervous but that was all. Got to the dentist office – I was calm and relaxed. Got in the dentist chair – still okay. I did tense up a little during the procedure but that was all. The dentist, assistants, and office staff were astounded!

It is 1:43PM 1/26/2011 (2 & 3/4 hours after the appointment) as I am writing this and I don’t even have the “after dentist hangover” (that’s when I’ve so exhausted myself by regurgitating, hyperventilating, and having anxiety attacks that I am like a zombie). In my wildest dreams I would never have thought this possible.

I totally credit the mp3 download Larry bought for me from your site for this miracle! Yes, it can only be called a miracle.

I still have two more appointments before my root canal is completed and then I have 7 or 8 more appointments (has to be done over several months as the economy has not been good to us) for more dental work. I will be using my download faithfully.

There are simply no words that can thank you for making available this download.

Feel free to use my comments on your website.

Chere McCoy
Vero Beach, Florida

P.S. I told my dentist all about the download and he thought it was great (especially after seeing the physical result). He asked if he could listen (I left him my iPod which I will pick up tomorrow or on Monday). He told me he had taken a course in dental school many years ago (back in the late 70’s) but only tried it on his wife. I am hoping he will like it and recommend your site to others like me. I will let you know.

Chere, congratulations on your success. You should be very proud of yourself! Thanks for allowing us to share your story.