Developing a Positive Attitude with Self-Hypnosis

Think positively! You have probably heard this so many times that the phrase has lost its meaning. But having a positive attitude does not mean that you have to be happy, no matter what. Actually, it is about paying attention to what is happening around you and to react appropriately.

A positive attitude is what spurs people into action. Being a positive person means being capable of planning, of taking action, of remedying things that do not work. Opposed to that is a negative attitude – the type of thinking that prevents you from getting involved, from taking action, from finding solutions to the things that make you feel unhappy.

Discover what makes you happy

People tend to be unhappy because they do not do what they want to do. What is even more worrying, is that they no longer know what they want, and fail to even question what they want. People can get stuck in a routine without realizing that in time, they have created a prison around them that does not allow them to grow, to expand, to experiment and live their dreams.

If you are unhappy with how your life is then you need to change something about it! It doesn’t always need to be something of great important, such as a new job or a new direction in life. You can focus on the little things too. As long as the changes make you happy, you will be on the right path. Thinking positively is actually about understanding life, including the good and the bad. Rediscover the importance of wanting things for yourself, things that make you happy. Find solutions and act when the situation requires such behaviour.

One big mistake that people often make is they compare themselves with other people who appear more successful, have more money, are more attractive, and so on. Such comparisons only breed envy and other similarly negative feelings. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, stop now! Keep this in mind. You are not inferior, even if other people try to make you feel this way. You are who you are. Discover what makes you happy!

Develop positive habits

We all experience the world through our five senses, what we see, what we hear, what we feel, what we smell, and what we say (to others and our own self talk). In any given situation, whether it’s a walk in the park, sharing time with family or reading a good book, we are constantly taking on board more information from all five senses. So, why not do it constructively and choose just what you take onboard?

Below is a list of five questions I recommend you ask yourself each and every day. Write them down and put the list on your fridge door. You could even write the answer next to the questions each time you do it so you can look back and remember the positive feelings.

  • What did I see that made me feel happy today?
  • What did I enjoy the taste of today?
  • What uplifting smell did I inhale today?
  • What interesting sound(s) did I take in and enjoy today?
  • What was it I touched that made me feel pleasure today?

Nothing succeeds like the success we see, feel, hear, smell and say. It is true, so why not learn from it? Positive thoughts breed positive actions. There is a positive spin to be found on just about everything. Sometimes it is hard to find it. We may have to search for it, but it is usually there. If we get in the habit of finding it and filling our lives with more positives then we will be healthier, happier, and achieve more.

Focus on the positive

Words have power and this is certainly true when it comes to hypnosis. Within the framework of hypnotherapy we almost always have to focus on the positive. It’s much better when the words paint a picture of what is wanted, rather than of what isn’t wanted. Which of these is better; “Every day I feel better and better” or “Every day I feel less depressed”?

Using positive suggestion in self-hypnosis is about concentrating on what you want. It’s about focusing on what’s good for you. It’s about focusing your energy in the right way. The words we use bring up emotions and pictures in our mind and it’s important that they are not only clear (to avoid ambiguity) but that they are framed in the positive. This keeps the focus on what you want. When we say, “I’m not going to get angry” well, then we’re keeping the focus on anger. Simply saying, “I’m going to be calm” will help you to accomplish just that.

Whether it is within self-hypnosis or in your everyday life, keeping your self-talk positive will help you achieve the results you desire. Focus on the positives, on solutions, on thinking in the right manner – so that things happen the way you want them to. Listening regularly to our self-hypnosis recordings can really start to shape your thinking patterns, getting them closer to what you really want for yourself.

Everyone can benefit

We can all benefit from developing a more positive outlook on life. When you do something well, allow yourself to feel really pleased about it – even if it is just a small thing. By doing this you are nourishing yourself in the most practical way possible. And the more you expect positive things to happen in your life, the more they will. Positive thinking is a positive habit – the more you practice, the better you become. Positive habits become positive expectations.

Take a moment and ask yourself; “Do I have the proper attitude towards life and towards myself?” If the answer is ‘no’, then it is time to begin your journey towards developing a newer, more positive you.