Dolphin Visions CD / MP3
  • Exclusive Recording by Barrie St John!
  • A Professionally Mastered Recording!
  • With the Soothing Sounds of Nature!
  • Including Special Sound Effects!
  • And Relaxing Background Music!
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
(6 customer reviews)

Dolphin Visions

Self Hypnosis MP3 Download

Swim with dolphins and relax your mind!

Swimming with dolphins tops most people’s bucket list. Dolphins are truly amazing creatures, so it is understandable that the opportunity to interact with them is widely considered a once in a lifetime experience. The reality is that those swim-with dolphin experiences and petting activities that so many people seek, are almost always with dolphins that have been trained to perform. Dolphins do not belong in captivity.

The good news is that there is another way to take hold of a dolphin’s dorsal fin and hold on for the thrilling ride of a lifetime. Just as there is a way to swim with a pod of playing dolphins and explore their magical underwater world with them. It is also a way of feeling at one with the world and completely at one with yourself. You just need to unleash the power of your creative mind!

If you vividly imagine something then it can really feel as if it is happening. This happy reality becomes even more powerful when you enter the wonderful state of creative relaxation. When you open your mind and allow yourself to relax deeply, your imagination can be set free. You can be free to explore a magical journey of blissful serenity.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Experience deep hypnotic relaxation!
  • Unleash your wonderfully creative imagination!
  • Swim with dolphins and explore their magical world!

This unique guided self hypnosis CD / MP3 download provides you with a wonderful opportunity to let go of those every day thoughts and settle back in the comfort and privacy of your own mind. This self hypnosis audio program contains 20 minutes of beautiful, calming imagery and deeply relaxing sounds. Enjoy a timeout from life to rejuvenate your senses, sooth your spirit and relax your mind.

From start to finish you will be gently guided on a wonderful journey of discovery, which includes splashing among the waves with your new dolphin friends and exploring a hidden mineral kingdom. You will also experience a dazzling waterfall, exotic rock formations, an array of friendly ocean-dwelling creatures and visit a deserted beach on a tropical island. There will be other pleasant surprises along the way too!

Join your dolphin friends and escape to another world!

We are so confident that you'll like this self hypnosis MP3 download that we're willing to offer you a 90 day money back guarantee (terms apply). Order from us in complete confidence!
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Authored by Barrie St John

Barrie St John
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Dolphin Visions CD / MP3
(6 customer reviews)
  • Exclusive Recording by Barrie St John!
  • A Professionally Mastered Recording!
  • With the Soothing Sounds of Nature!
  • Including Special Sound Effects!
  • And Relaxing Background Music!
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!


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We have received the following feedback for Dolphin Visions:

  1. Your creative relaxation downloads have been a joy to listen to. I’ve been using the three general ones – Magical Forest, Dolphin Visions and Tropical Paradise. Three words; Calm, Balanced, Focused. That’s how I feel now. I’ll certainly be ordering more of your hypnosis downloads!

    5 out of 5

    Renee Sandoval - Fairfax Virginia, USA

  2. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the 3 hypnosis downloads I purchased yesterday. I have practised self hypnosis on myself for many years, but it is much quicker and easier with your recordings (I will definitely be ordering more). Funnily enough the ‘Dolphin visions’ one seems good for every problem – I just can’t stop smiling after a good swim with those dolphins, and I feel physically so much better. I am really looking forward to visiting the Magical Forest next! I shall also be recommending your hypnosis recordings to all my friends. I find it an amazing thing that more people don’t use these hypnosis recordings, because they really do work and are so harmless, cheap and easy to use.

    5 out of 5

    Lesley Jones - Leicester, UK

  3. As I listened to the soft soothing and well modulated voice and music, I was so relaxed that I almost drifted off to sleep and came out feeling totally calm and relaxed. I have never experience anything like this before. I only got Dolphin Visions as a tester to see if I liked your stuff. I’ll be ordering more very soon!

    5 out of 5

    Tabatha Chase - Perth, Australia

  4. I like the creativity used, the music, the story. It is very soothing.

    5 out of 5

    Jess Parker - Fishers, Indiana, USA

  5. Very relaxing! I love Barrie’s soothing reassuring voice. It’s refreshing to hear accents that are not American. I like the non-patronising speaking unlike most American versions.

    5 out of 5

    May Goody - York, UK

  6. I love this one and look forward to just popping my earbuds in and taking some time for myself with my dolphin friends! Barrie St John’s voice is very gentle and very relaxing.

    5 out of 5

    Bailey Green - White Plains, New York, USA

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Dolphin Visions CD / MP3
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