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7 Steps to Overcoming Depression

A 30-Day Audio Course of Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness & More. Includes 7 Powerful Sessions.

Over recent decades depression has rocketed. Whether you have mild depression that leaves you feeling down some of the time, or you have debilitating negative feelings that have a major impact on your life, it is a burden you obviously want to remove as quickly as possible. The good news is that you can emerge from the black hole that is depression!

Depression is now far better understood than it was in the past and this knowledge has helped us create a wonderful range of treatments that can be combined powerfully to really help you. Our unique 30-day course, “7 Steps to Overcoming Depression”, has been developed by our team of hugely experienced hypnotherapists and uses the latest techniques from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to give you the help and support you need.

If you are depressed it can be difficult to imagine that things can change, but please appreciate that 7 Steps to Overcoming Depression has been designed to help you make a profound change. It can help you in many ways, such as to:

  • Gain greater control over your thoughts.
  • Boost your optimism and think positively.
  • Return to a more active and rewarding life.
  • Deal effectively with any negative emotions.
  • Find more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Let go of outcomes and focus on doing your best.
  • Develop better relationships with family and friends.

An Overview of the 7 Sessions

Each of the sessions within 7 Steps to Overcoming Depression includes in their titles a day of the week.  This makes it very easy to use. When you are ready to start the course, simply choose the CD or MP3 download for that particular day.

Let’s now take a look at each of the therapy sessions:

Monday – Boosting Optimism

Monday’s self hypnosis session can help a great deal because there is a very strong correlation between pessimism and depression. Studies have shown what most of us would guess – that being pessimistic does increase our chances of experiencing bouts of depression.

Please recognize that this hypnotherapy session seeks to help you have a realistic yet optimistic frame of mind. This is where - rather than claiming that we know everything will turn out well, or that we know everything will go wrong - we accept that the future is inherently unknowable. So we acknowledge that either of those two outcomes could occur - and all the other possibilities in between.

The subconscious mind acts like a vehicle – it tends to go where we point it - so we need to be focused on a positive outcome. This way of thinking is practiced by almost all those who perform at a very high level in business, sport, or whatever – they focus on what they want rather than on what they don’t want.

Tuesday - Mindfulness for Depression

Tuesday’s session uses Mindfulness to help you relate to your negative feelings in a much more effective way. When we allow our mind to have total awareness of something that exists in the present moment and we don’t assess or judge it, we are being Mindful. This contrasts strongly with how we usually live, in that we’re usually not relating strongly to what exists, but more to our judgement of it. For instance, if people are told that a wine is expensive they’ll judge it far more positively than if they try the same wine but believe it to be cheap.

Mindfulness will not only help you deal with depressed feelings, but you’ll also find it a useful tool to handle other negative emotions. One of the biggest problems for most people with depression is that they tend to worry a great deal. Often depression comes out of periods of worry, where the system has buckled under the weight of anxiety. Therefore dealing with anxiety frequently relieves depression.

Wednesday – Expanding Your Life

Wednesday’s self hypnosis session is designed to help you become more active. As you probably have already realized, when depressed your world tends to contract. It can be that some people are less inclined to spend time with you, and you may want to socialize less anyway because it feels relatively unrewarding. You may also be exercising less than before, and you may dump hobbies and interests because of your depression.

When suffering from depression, these changes in our way of living are totally understandable. But they make things worse because with this narrowed field of activity you are less able to get the good feelings (limited though they are when you’re depressed) that can help you recover. This particular self hypnosis session helps you to expand your world so that you can derive more good feelings – not only for their intrinsic benefits, but also because they will help you on the road to recovery.

Thursday – Finding Meaning and Purpose

When we are depressed we suffer from a lack of pleasure in our lives – something called anhedonia. There are, of course, many ways by which we derive happiness from life, but perhaps the most important is through finding meaning and purpose; but these can be weakened by anhedonia. This self hypnosis session seeks to help you recover meaning and purpose that may have temporarily gone from various elements of your life. You may even add more meaning and purpose to your life than you’ve had before.

This self hypnosis session is perhaps the most important of all, so we suggest you use this CD (or download) not just on Thursdays, but also for the final two days of the course.

Friday - Thinking in a Positive Way

Friday’s self hypnosis session helps you switch your attention away from negative thoughts and find a more helpful way of thinking. If you have been struggling with being positive it’s important to understand that it is difficult when you’re suffering from depression.

Furthermore, when you feel down for a long time, your body chemistry changes so that positive thoughts don’t have such a pleasant impact on you as they do for those encouraging you to ‘be positive’. The good news is that if you can learn to think in a pessimistic way and so develop a more negative biochemistry you can also learn to think in a more optimistic way and have a more positive biochemistry.

Friday’s self hypnosis session includes an emphasis on gratitude for what we have. The good thing is that with the help of hypnotherapy, gratitude can become a habit. If you practice it even for just a few weeks you’ll not only tend to notice feeling more positive, you’ll also start to develop gratitude at a subconscious level. This means that your mind will be giving you good feelings by noticing automatically what is good in your life.

Saturday - Recognizing What Can be Changed & What Can’t

Saturday’s self hypnosis session is about the fact that depression often leaves us with a hopeless feeling. Often this comes after one thing – or many things – have not turned out as we wanted them to. This hopeless feeling can usually be avoided if we have the right mindset.

People with depression have been found to be more likely than most to misjudge the level of influence they actually have. They may feel they have more influence than is the case, and then when things go against them they can feel stressed and ultimately despondent about their inability to resolve an issue; or else they can underestimate their power and so they fail to take action when they could. Clearly the answer is to develop a more realistic view of how much you can affect your world, and this self hypnosis recording can help you to achieve this.

Sunday - Dealing with Uncertainty

Sunday’s self hypnosis session helps you to become more comfortable with the unpredictability of life. Much of the worrying that people with depression do is an attempt to remove uncertainty by finding a solution to a problem. Often at the time there is no solution or it’s not a satisfying one, so the depressed person who worries keeps ruminating on the problem, often trying to help themselves cope if things turn out badly by imagining this worst possible outcome.

To help you avoid such rumination this self hypnosis session will encourage your mind to accept that much of what we think about is impossible to solve (at least at the time we think about it) and give you the confidence to know you’ll cope even if the outcome is not as you hoped. The overall effect is to leave you with a greater calmness and an acceptance that so much in our lives in uncertain.

7 Steps to Overcoming Depression includes powerful techniques that have proven their worth over time, combined with new, well-researched ones, all designed to make you feel happier and more positive. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to put depression behind you and move forward with the kind of energy and motivation that you feared you might never feel again.

Start your change today and live the life you deserve!

If you have not done so already then we encourage you to learn more about our approach to treating depression with hypnotherapy, which includes more information about 7 Steps to Overcoming Depression and a detailed FAQ section.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.
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In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this course after 30-days then let us know and we'll refund you. That's how confident we are that you will benefit from it. Terms and conditions apply.
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Authored by Barrie St John

Barrie St John
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S7 Depression CD Set
(12 customer reviews)
  • Expertly Authored by Barrie St John!
  • 7 Top Quality Therapy Sessions!
  • Professionally Mastered Recordings!
  • CD Box Set and/or Instant Download!
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques!
  • NLP, Mindfulness and Much More!
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We have received the following feedback for 7 Steps to Overcoming Depression:

  1. I am really pleased to have found your website, all the titles I have tried have been brilliant! I am currently using your new 7 Series Overcoming Depression (tomorrow is the end of week 3 for me) and I have never been so happy. My family have been impressed with the results as well 🙂 I think I would be a rival for Tigger now LOL.

    5 out of 5

    Joanna Henderson - London, UK

  2. This really is an amazing series. The ideas and hypnotic suggestions across these seven sessions do actually begin to manifest. It takes a bit time, but they work. Due to academic failures I had suffered severe depression for many years before I first listened to some other sessions on your website, which changed my life dramatically for the better. But this overcoming depression series is even better and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed even more steady improvements in almost every area of my life. Thank you so much.

    5 out of 5

    Nile Rodgers - Fife, Scotland, UK

  3. I previously downloaded your ‘Overcoming Depression’ session and found it extremely relaxing and helpful. It was a good starting point, as I was skeptical about self hypnosis. How wrong I was. Anyway, this convinced me to go with this course, which is far more comprehensive. It’s still early days but I feel significantly better about myself. The ‘Finding Meaning and Purpose’ session is particularly good.

    5 out of 5

    Kylie Smith - Austin, Texas, USA

  4. I’m pleased to say that this course has worked wonders for me! I was in a state of depression for almost four months and even used cymbalta medication, which didn’t help one bit. This hypnosis course should be prescribed on the NHS! I’m serious. Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    John Cameron - Manchester, UK

  5. Depression put my relationship at risk, my job and yes, even my life. Thank to your ‘intervention’ I now feel like myself again and the difference from a few months ago is striking. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    Gill Gillespie - New York State, USA

  6. Depression has affected my life deeply for some twenty years now. I didn’t like the person I had become and the feelings that surfaced, but I now feel almost reborn! I no longer feel trapped by my own dark thoughts and I owe you a massive, massive thank you. The turnaround has been incredible and I’m not the only way to say that. I’m far more active, far more optimistic and most importantly… far happier than ever. I have enjoyed every single one of the seven recordings. It almost feels as if they were written specifically for me. Thank you again!

    5 out of 5

    Gwen Chapman - Columbus, Georgia, USA

  7. I don’t usually leave reviews for things but the 7 steps series is an excellent collection of recordings and I highly recommend them for anyone suffering from depression. I had actually managed to almost overcome years of depression with a natural supplement that I’d been taking for the past 3 years. I’d say about 90 % of me was in good shape, but there was still that 10% I needed help with. These hypnotherapy recordings have helped get me to 100%, in just a few short weeks and I am so grateful for all your help and advice.

    5 out of 5

    Simone Jackson - Sydney, Australia

  8. I just wanted to pass on thanks to you as I have found your hypnosis series highly valuable. They have made a great difference to my life, strengthening my ability to cope with difficult life events and creating a greater sense of well-being and happiness. For someone suffering from depression, these things cannot be measured in dollar terms – they are invaluable and also impact those around me. Thank you for widening the circle of goodness in this world!

    5 out of 5

    Alex Ruddiger - California, USA

  9. I had some doubts about effectiveness of hypnosis, although many users and researches proved that it can be effective and powerful. I’ve been listening to this nightly and I just love it. Barrie’s voice is so relaxing and I feel uplifted.

    5 out of 5

    Nancy Winterbottom - Sydney, Australia

  10. I bought this for my husband last month, who has also been going to a therapist. He has been diagnosed with depression and started taking anti-depressants recently. I can’t say for sure what has helped the most, but he has definitely enjoyed listening to your hypnotherapy tracks. I do know one thing for certain. We will continue to pursue hypnotherapy. I thank you!

    5 out of 5

    Janice Corrie - San Francisco , USA

  11. I purchased this S7 series for depression and honestly it’s one of the best purchases of my life. Within days my co-workers were commenting on how my attitude had changed for the better. I’m performing better at work. I’m noticing that if I get in negative mood it changes quickly without even having to think about it. I’m talking and thinking more positively. Honestly, I don’t even use it seven days a week and its still producing amazing results. For anyone that has any reservations about your hypnosis, I have to say for $60 you have nothing to lose and a new life to gain. Thank you so much.

    5 out of 5

    Jeff L - Idaho, USA

  12. I am in my 50’s and I only just decided it was time for me to reach out for some help with some deep seated problems I have battled throughout my life. These issues have been a significant impedance, shackles if you will, that prevented me from just getting on with being me, enjoying my life, and being successful. Previously, I never believed in hypnosis, partly because of experiences in my past, and partly because of an issue with trust. Your website helped me to clear these two barriers and I eagerly began my sessions the day I bought my first series. Now the results started immediately, the day after my first session. I noticed nothing at first in the morning, but after several hours I did realize some of the behaviors that plagued me in the past were absent. I started noticing day after day that there was a definite change in my attitude and state of mind. These changes have continued every day, and I am doing better with each session! This Friday I drove the 7 hours it takes to get to see my mother in Montreal and I was grooving with music I have listened to for years, and I was even noticing sounds, parts, instruments I never did before. I feel so happy! I do not know where this journey with self hypnosis will take me but I am very optimistic and I am very eager to continue my progress. I just have to tell you, your team, how immensely thankful and appreciative I am. I TRUST YOU!! Thank you for your help!

    5 out of 5

    Jaime Ochoa - Ontario, Canada

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