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7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence

A 30-Day Audio Course of Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness & More. Includes 7 Powerful Sessions.

Does your self confidence waver at the thought of walking into a room full of people? Does it frustrate you when you avoid taking risks because you fear failure too much? Do you depend on the approval of others in order to feel good about yourself? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t expect to be successful?

The truth is, if you lack self confidence then you are far less likely to achieve your goals in life. People with poor self confidence and low self-esteem tend to be unhappy and are driven by anxiety, which can also lead to stress and depression. The good news is that we have a deep understanding of these conditions and with the help of self hypnosis you can develop new thinking patterns that can totally transform your life.

7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence offers you many different techniques which, when combined, create a powerful way of making long lasting changes that will help you build a better relationship with yourself so that you can create a state of supreme self confidence – both now and in the future.

This superb Super-7 Series course can help you to:

  • Achieve your full potential.
  • Deal with the past and let it go.
  • Train your mind to think positively.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Achieve a state of total acceptance.
  • Learn to appreciate your self-worth.
  • Develop confident thought processes.

An Overview of the 7 Sessions

This remarkable self confidence course includes 7 highly effective audio programs – one for each day of the week. This means you can start the course at any time –  just begin by using the CD or MP3 download that has been made for the particular day of the week.

Let’s take a look at each of the recordings and explain our reasons for their inclusion:

Monday - Acceptance through Mindfulness

Around the world the state of Mindfulness is now recognised as offering great benefits in terms of achieving calmness, handling feelings well, and seeing ourselves and what we do in a realistic but positive way. This is an excellent base on which to build self-confidence.

So what is Mindfulness? It’s a state of mind in which you experience things as they are. Normally as you go through your day you are continually being affected by judgements. The problem with judgement, however, is that it gets in the way of our looking at something as it is. This can prevent us from dealing effectively with an issue – particularly one involving strong emotions. ‘Mindfulness’ helps us to find possible solutions to this.

Although Mindfulness has been practiced for thousands of years, it’s only now that research is starting to show the impressive benefits it offers in terms of developing our mental focus, helping us achieve calmness, and promoting acceptance. Because of these attributes we use elements of Mindfulness throughout this self confidence course to help you deal with a range of issues.

Tuesday - Developing Self-Acceptance

Tuesday’s self hypnosis session is perhaps the most important of the whole course. Self-acceptance gives us a very different relationship with ourselves than the approach that most people use by trying to raise self-esteem. Rather than constantly judging ourselves as though we’re entrants in a competition, we treat ourselves as people – valuable and special for the sole reason that we are people.

There is research which shows that when things go wrong treating ourselves in an accepting and understanding way leaves us more positive about doing better in future, and increases the chances that we will succeed. In other words, self-acceptance, a state of mind that never uses self-punishment, is more than just a pleasant way to treat yourself - it’s the best way to help yourself.

Wednesday - Dealing with the Past

Wednesday’s hypnotherapy session is about dealing with the past, although in a sense this is not what we shall be doing, because the past is gone - it no longer exists - and so cannot be dealt with. What we shall really work on is dealing with the thoughts and feelings attached to memories.

For anyone with a lack of self-confidence there is liable to be a memory or a group of memories that partially explain their problems and contribute to them. Fortunately, there are now some wonderfully effective methods of addressing these with hypnotherapy, and doing so comfortably.

Please note that while 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence may help you with less serious memories, it is not designed to address the more challenging ones. So if you believe you have any of these it’s important you consult an appropriate therapist.

Thursday - Thinking in a Confident Way

Thursday’s self hypnosis recording is designed to help you develop thought processes to improve confidence in your daily life. Our thoughts are programmed by our experiences, but, like a computer, the mind’s programs can be changed if we use the right methods.

The advanced hypnotherapy techniques we employ will address the thoughts that weaken your self-confidence, replace them with helpful ones, and enable you to act in more confident ways. These changes will have a knock-on effect in that as you think and act in a more confident way, you will also feel this way too.

This self hypnosis session will help you enjoy your successes and cope more easily with your failures. A fear of failure is often driven by poor self-confidence, and we can use hypnotherapy to help you to let this fear go. You will also find that it encourages you to persist when something is challenging.

Friday - Developing Self-Compassion

Friday’s self hypnosis session will help you add something called ‘Self-Compassion’ to the strategies we’ve mentioned already. Self-compassion is particularly helpful when things in life are difficult. It’s a way of relating to yourself that will give you good, positive feelings, no matter what is happening in your life.

Self-esteem often lets us down when we need it most – when things go wrong in our lives, particularly if we feel we’re to blame. Yet it’s at these worst times when self-compassion is of greatest help: through it we can treat ourselves with kindness, honesty, and acceptance; just as a great friend ideally would. This, according to research, allows us to act with confidence and recover strongly from setbacks.

This self hypnosis session is perhaps the most important of all, so we suggest you use this CD (or download) not just on Fridays, but also for the final two days of the course.

Saturday - Valuing Your Life and What You Do

When we lack confidence we can develop negative attitudes towards ourselves and our achievements. To counteract these problems, Saturday’s self hypnosis session helps you to recognise your worth as a person and the worth of what you do in your daily life.

The objective of this particular hypnotherapy recording is to help you develop a heightened awareness of these things, so that eventually you do this automatically. When this happens your subconscious mind will give you a better, healthier self-image and a greater appreciation of your worth.

Sunday - Focusing on the Positive

Sunday’s self hypnosis session is not the positive thinking advocated in many self-help books. Rather, it is an approach designed to produce a more positive outlook towards life, but acknowledges that life gives us things that we like and things we dislike, and helps us cope with both. This helps to encourage a more constructive outlook to whatever life brings.

Your mind is perfectly capable of recognising problems and dangers without you forcing it to do so. You need to be able to begin a project, give a talk, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, etc, without poor self confidence letting you down. This self hypnosis session will help you make that switch so your mind has what we might call a ‘default setting’, not for the negatives in life, but for the positive.

If you would like to feel more confident and want to use powerful psychological techniques to help you do this, then 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence gives you all the tools you need. It uses the latest, research-based techniques so that you can begin to see more opportunities in life, enjoy social interaction more, and increase your chances of attaining your full potential.

Start today and develop a self-confident state of mind!

If you have not done so already then we encourage you to learn more about our approach to increasing confidence and self-esteem with self hypnosis, which includes more information about this course, including a detailed FAQ section.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.
You can now choose to download directly with our Smart Session app after you order (via our website), for greater choice and more control over how you listen.
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this course after 30-days then let us know and we'll refund you. That's how confident we are that you will benefit from it. Terms and conditions apply.
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Authored by Barrie St John

Barrie St John
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S7 Confidence Set
(10 customer reviews)
  • Expertly Authored by Barrie St John!
  • 7 Top Quality Therapy Sessions!
  • Professionally Mastered Recordings!
  • CD Box Set and/or Instant Download!
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques!
  • NLP, Mindfulness and Much More!
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We have received the following feedback for 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence:

  1. I have always had very low confidence, social phobias and in many ways I’ve been unable to function in this world as a ‘normal person’. I have often felt ‘stuck’ in a constant flight or fright mode, where no amount of reason or logic could help me work through my confidence issues. Your hypnotherapy audios have been nothing short of a revelation. I feel different in so many ways… like I’m about to embark on a new journey in this life. Simply wonderful!

    5 out of 5

    Daniel Oldham - Minnesota, USA

  2. I completed this series last week. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to each track and my relationship with myself has improved immeasurably. Confidence has always been an issue for me, but I can honestly say I’ve never felt so empowered as I do right now. Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    Jack Jones - Auckland, New Zealand

  3. This confidence course is like having your own therapist who you can visit each day. 5 stars from me!

    5 out of 5

    Helen Wiseman - New York, USA

  4. I have previously used your self-hypnosis sessions for self esteem, self confidence and overcome shyness…. which have all been very helpful. In fact, I have purchased over 20 self hypnosis recordings from you and they have all had a significant influence on my life. I’m only a few days in, but this self confidence course is my favourite by far!

    5 out of 5

    Michaela Andrews - Oxford, UK

  5. Thank you! I have finally shattered the mask which I created for myself! I can’t tell you how effective this confidence series (and your other hypnosis downloads) have been for me. That fear I carried with me for so long has gone. Fear that I may make mistake or go wrong with what I wanted to say and people would think that I was not what I was projecting myself to be. I would avoid people, run away from situations and so on, which was all self perpetuated. I needed to change that fearful thought and with hypnosis and your help, I now have. I have induced a positive pattern of thought that seems to have been accepted deep in my mind. I’m forever grateful!

    5 out of 5

    Mary Donaldson - California, USA

  6. This confidence course has been life altering for me. I have struggled with confidence for so long, in situations meeting certain people or being confronted by them. I even stopped going out unless it was paramount that I did so and it was ruining my life. I didn’t think the hypnosis was working but I followed your advice and persisted. I can now say that it has massively helped to increase my confidence. So much so, I now feel like there is no obstacle I can’t overcome. I am very, very impressed.

    5 out of 5

    Patta Sharma - Brighton, UK

  7. This confidence series is phenomenal. It has helped me to be more assertive and inwardly as well as outwardly confident. I also like the feeling of safety and comfort the recordings impart. This is leaps and bounds ahead of the other hypnosis downloads on my iPhone, particularly thanks to your app. Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    Mark Shelley - London, UK

  8. When first hearing the sessions I was stunned at how professional the recordings were. I guess I don’t really know what I expected, but these are top of the range, highly professional recordings. That is not even taking into account the fact that they actually work. I also really like the recent change where you have control of background music length of different elements of each download using the app.

    5 out of 5

    Benjamin Walls - Brisbane, Australia

  9. Life changing, empowering, confidence building, high quality. Easy to use, helpful topics, not afraid to tackle real life issues. Thank you for doing what you do. These recordings have been a positive force in my life.

    5 out of 5

    Sarah Earnshaw - Florida, USA

  10. I’m 43 years old and I have suffered from low self esteem and confidence issues ever since my high school years. Low self esteem and confidence have impacted negatively on every aspect of my life. In my early 30’s, I finally realized that if I don’t do something about my issues, my life is just going to pass by without me participating in it. Then, I turned to personal development and self help. Over the years, I’ve read several self help books, watched seminars and used positive affirmations to improve my self esteem and self confidence. During the past few years, I began meditating every now and then and from there, I got interested in self hypnosis. I purchased the first self hypnosis mp3 download 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence in March 2019. I just love it! I really wanted to get most out of it so I began listening to hypnosis downloads as recommended on your website. I love Barrie St John’s soothing & comforting voice. Most of the time I manage to get into hypnotic state and I feel relaxed and happier afterwards. In July, I wanted to try other hypnosis downloads to support my improved self confidence so I purchased Better Body Image, Boost Your Ego, Boost Your Self Esteem and Gain More Self Respect. Of these, I’ve listened to everything else except Boost Your Ego. I’ve enjoyed them all so far. For the fist time in my life, there is no self doubt creeping in my thoughts and I’m not wallowing in self pity. I feel confident which is a wonderful feeling but also a bit weird because I got so used to those negative feelings and thoughts over the years. So I want to thank you for creating these awesome self hypnosis because they truly work!

    5 out of 5

    Anna Casper - Stockholm, Sweden

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