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7 Steps to Successful Weight Loss

A 30-Day Audio Course of Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness & More. Includes 7 Powerful Sessions.

No one wants to be overweight. It affects our appearance, our comfort, our relationships with others, and can cause health problems. Do you spend half your life on a diet of some kind, losing weight then piling it all back on again, dieting but raiding the fridge at midnight, yo-yoing back and forth but never seeming to reach a permanent, steady, happy weight?

It is hard to commit to a diet or exercise regime for long because they fail to address the subconscious, habitual thought processes that so often block us from achieving we really want. A different approach is needed – one that helps you to change your thoughts and feelings. Which is why self hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be so powerful.

Most approaches to weight loss, including those that use hypnosis, tend to focus on just one or a few methods, but 7 Steps to Successful Weight Loss can help in so many different ways. This exclusive 30-day course has been developed by our team of vastly experienced hypnotherapists and uses the latest techniques from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to give you all the help and support you need.

This unique Super-7 Series weight loss course can help you to:

  • Change unhelpful eating and lifestyle habits.
  • Build greater determination and motivation.
  • Overcome any natural resistance to exercise.
  • Find better ways of dealing with hunger feelings.
  • Overcome any subconscious barriers to weight loss.
  • Develop greater self-acceptance and self-compassion.
  • Tackle the underlying forces that cause emotional eating.

An Overview of the 7 Sessions

This extraordinary weight loss course includes 7 powerful sessions – one for each day of the week. This makes it super easy to use. Let’s take a look at each of the therapy sessions and explain our reasons for their inclusion:

Monday – Self-Acceptance & Self-Compassion

A high proportion of people with weight control issues also have self-esteem problems. Yet even if you feel that you don’t have low self-esteem you will almost certainly find that Monday’s hypnotherapy session is very helpful. This is because we can all benefit from higher self-esteem – provided it is of a healthy type. Yet this session does not focus on boosting self-esteem directly, rather, it aims to help you to develop greater self-acceptance and self-compassion. These, once you have worked on them and put them into practice, will not only help your self-esteem, they will also help you in other positive ways. In fact, if you work on these and develop them strongly they can transform your life.

Tuesday – Reflection

Tuesday’s self hypnosis session is about a key process in success: Reflection. This is where we consciously look back on what we’ve done with the intention of learning from it. People with weight control issues very often struggle without considering why they are struggling and then using that knowledge to make it easier. Successes and failures allow us to develop and grow – providing we reflect on them in the right way.

This hypnotherapy session will also help you overcome barriers to weight loss. It does this by increasing your confidence in your ability to deal with whatever comes along, and helps you “reframe” these challenges so that you can see them in a different, more positive way.

Wednesday – Food and Eating

The self hypnosis session for Wednesday addresses the weight issue directly. So while addressing emotional and thought issues is an essential part of achieving weight control, here we use advanced hypnotherapy techniques to deal with the practical problems that also play a vital part in your losing weight. Thus Wednesday’s self hypnosis session focuses on the practical matters of buying food, dealing with portion size, telling your body that it has had a sufficient amount, etc.

In addition, the hypnotherapy within this session also helps increase your motivation. Rather than our encouraging you merely to concentrate on the benefits of weight control – something you are probably already quite aware of - we help you so that each step of the way feels more rewarding. This approach is well-supported by research, which shows that for you to maintain motivation, you need to find rewards as you go along, rather than chasing after rewards that will come mainly when you’ve reached your target weight. In other words, the session focuses on enjoying the journey, rather than enduring the journey in order to get to a particular destination.

Thursday – Exercise

Thursday’s self hypnosis session is about exercise motivation. Exercise is something you might not like at the moment or perhaps you feel uncomfortable with because of your weight. This session, therefore, is designed to address these issues and make exercise much more appealing, at a subconscious level. It may surprise you how little you need to do in order to help yourself. It may also surprise you that, once you have overcome that natural resistance, how much you want to exercise.

Friday – Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Friday’s self hypnosis session helps you maintain your weight loss. This is about adjusting to a new way of eating, a new way of thinking, a new way of living. Many people who lose weight find that they slip back easily simply because they didn’t maintain the changes that they’d made. This self hypnosis  recording uses hypnotherapy to help you adapt, so that the changes you make become the norm!

As with the other recordings, you’ll be using this once a week for the four-week period. In addition, however, you need to use it also for the final two days of the 30 day period. That way you are really making the change a solid and permanent part of your way of thinking and your way of being.

Saturday – Mindfulness & Acem

Saturday is all about relaxation. It has two tracks (plus an introduction track) – one that teaches you something called Mindfulness, and the other uses a less well-known approach called Acem. Both of these, in different ways, will help you reduce stress but they can also help weaken the thoughts that are obstacles to your successfully controlling your weight. If you learn the two techniques so that you can use them at will, then this will help you make good progress on the course.

Sunday – Removing Barriers

Not all eating is emotional, of course. Even when it is there may need to be a more direct approach than the Saturday’s recordings offer. The self hypnosis session for Sunday, therefore, helps you in a more direct way with any remaining obstacles or barriers to your losing weight. Whether these are past events, or the sort of day-to-day issues that can be a challenge to successful weight loss, these can be uncovered and resolved by this powerful hypnotherapy session.

This amazing Super-7 course offers you a wide range of approaches that bring the deep changes necessary to control your weight and maintain your success. The research is clear – people have weight issues for a number of reasons. When you use this course you are recognizing that an approach that changes your thoughts, feelings, and actions gives you a much greater chance of success.

Get started today and live the life you want!

If you have not done so already then we recommend you learn more about our approach to weight loss with self hypnosis, which includes more information about this course, including a detailed FAQ section.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.
You can now choose to download directly with our Smart Session app after you order (via our website), for greater choice and more control over how you listen.
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this course after 30-days then let us know and we'll refund you. That's how confident we are that you will benefit from it. Terms and conditions apply.
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Authored by Barrie St John

Barrie St John
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(7 customer reviews)
  • Expertly Authored by Barrie St John!
  • 7 Top Quality Therapy Sessions!
  • Professionally Mastered Recordings!
  • CD Box Set and/or Instant Download!
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques!
  • NLP, Mindfulness and Much More!
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We have received the following feedback for 7 Steps to Successful Weight Loss:

  1. I had long been interested in trying your weight loss recordings and your new series gave me the extra push I needed to begin. I definitely made the right choice. I am (was) a very emotional eater and use food to cope with the bad things that happen to me. Last year I had worked very hard to lose 20 kilos, but a very sick loved one put my hard work out the window. I’m now back on track and my motivation to succeed is greater than ever before! Thank you for producing such an excellent series!

    5 out of 5

    Janice Jacobs - Adelaide, Australia

  2. I have listened to many different hypnotic weight loss tracks, but this course blows them all away. It addresses every single issue and unlike other ones I’ve listened to (without success) it is clear that you guys know what you’re talking about. It’s brilliant!

    5 out of 5

    Petra Vardy - Birmingham, UK

  3. I saw the TV show Anderson Cooper and there was a feature on hypnosis, which led me to discover your excellent website. I love this weight loss collective and I’m enjoying listening to each of the individual recordings. I’ve also been following your practical tips. Thanks for everything!

    5 out of 5

    Joy Monroe - Buffalo, New York, USA

  4. I continue to get great benefit from the numerous hypnotherapy CDs that I have purchased from your website over the past few years. But the one area I’ve always struggled with is weight control. I’m currently into my third week (although I did miss a few days at the start) of the course and I’ve already noticed significant changes, so I’m delighted. I’m hoping to introduce my new slimmer self to the world come the summer!

    5 out of 5

    Jennifer Ying - Atlantic City, USA

  5. I’m really glad I bought this weight loss course 3 months ago hoping it ‘does what it says on the box’! And I am delighted to say that it does. I’ve lost 28 lbs in that time and I’m almost at my ideal weight. Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    Terry Smith - Texas, USA

  6. For the past 3 weeks I have been using your stress management program along with the weight loss hypnosis series and I feel better than great! I’m less stressed and am super motivated to achieve my weight loss goals. This is worth every penny.

    5 out of 5

    Maggie Hughes - Thanet, UK

  7. I ordered these weight loss hypnosis downloads from you a year ago and I still use a couple of the sessions now. I listen to them on my iPhone. I love how the new app allows me to customize the hypnosis sessions. I was physically unable to do exercises so in the beginning I had to skip the one that encourages exercise. I wasn’t be able to do that but it still worked for me. Now that I have slimmed down I can exercise so I just started again with that one. I also like to listen as I find they reduce my anxiety and give me a welcome boost of focus or energy. Thank you for making these downloads available!

    5 out of 5

    Beth Wallace - Edison, New Jersey, USA

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