Erectile Dysfunction and Self Hypnosis

Using self-hypnosis for erectile dysfunction can be extremely effective. There are two ways in which self-hypnosis helps with erection problems. Our hypnosis CD and MP3 download recordings help uncover underlying causes for the problems and use direct suggestion to bring about a more positive expectation for the sexual experience.

Of all the clients I have spoken to with regard to sexual problems, the same limiting beliefs keep cropping up. Generally, in society, we are led to believe, the bigger the penis the better; multiple orgasms are the ideal for women; sexual enjoyment is abnormal for older people; the man is the initiator in sexual matters; a ‘real man’ is able to perform all night long; sex is only for marriage and reproduction; and, one should always be willing, ready and able for sex.

With thoughts like these going around in your mind, it is hardly a wonder that you might experience erectile dysfunction. It is quite common for thoughts and feelings surrounding erectile dysfunction to become exaggerated and this then lead to anxious feelings from unreasonable expectations in terms of performance.

Our erectile dysfunction self hypnosis recording helps to alleviate these symptoms and bring about a more positive expectation.

For lots of men, the added worry of financial stress, relationship problems or just simply feeling over-worked, can add to erectile dysfunction.

Darren bought our erectile dysfunction self hypnosis CD about a month ago after we had a brief chat about whether it could really help him. He had been experiencing problems for years. Each time he wanted to have sexual intercourse with his wife, the moment felt right and they used the spontaneity to do what they felt comfortable. However, when it came to the actual intercourse, Darren had no erection and felt disappointed, as did his wife. This had been happening for a number of years and Darren accepted it was because he was getting older and perhaps ‘this is what happens’.

However, accepting where he was did not make him happy, he felt very unhappy and suffered low mood and irritability because he felt he not only disappointed his wife, but himself as well.

As it turned out, Darren felt unhappy with the way he looked; he felt uncomfortable with how is body looked, now he had reached his 50’s and decided to himself what his wife might think of how he appeared. He had kept these feelings to himself for all that time only to discover through using our erectile dysfunction self hypnosis CD had helped him release the pent up frustration and talk to his wife about how he was feeling.

They now feel more comfortable with each other and Darren soon came to realise his wife felt very similar about her own body and how it had changed. This had resulted in them both talking more freely about sex and they also now share a more intimate and fulfilling relationship with each other.