Help Promote Hypnosis

We often get many emails and letter thanking us for the wonderful changes people have made. This is great and makes us feel very happy that our products are worthwhile and as successful as we would like them to be. Here are a few recent examples:

“I have been using the overcoming stage fright hypnosis session for a few weeks, and after 15 years of being a musician and backing vocalist, I sang lead vocals on a couple of songs in front of a live audience for the first time this weekend, something I have been to terrified to do before. I can’t thank you enough, and will recommend to everyone I meet. Thanks again.”

“Just to tell everyone how pleased I am with the 3 hypnosis downloads which I purchased yesterday.. I have practised self hypnosis on myself for many years, but it is much quicker & easier with your recordings..(I will definitely be ordering more). Funnily enough the ‘Dolphin visions’ one seems good for every problem -I just can’t stop smiling after a good swim with those dolphins, and I feel physically so much better. I am really looking forward to visiting the Magical Forest next!”

“I am astounded I have been a nail biter all of my life (48) I am a qualified nail technician and even bite off my extensions. I bought your stop nail biting hypnosis download played on retiring to bed 2 weeks ago and haven’t put them in my mouth since I know it is early days but I shall continue …….. Thank you so much … I’m now going to stop smoking with your help.”

“Hi!! I love your hypnosis!! I have quite a few!!”

“I just wanted to say thank you. The overcoming drug addiction session has saved my life.”

The above examples are the most recent emails we’ve received and have added to the website. Of course we always ask permission before publishing and change their real names, if requested.

Many people also tell us things like “I’m going to tell everyone I know about hypnosis and your products”. This is really great to hear and we really appreciate people spreading the word, even if it’s just about the benefits of hypnosis and not our website. So for those of you who are so pleased with your changes that you want to do something or tell someone how well you are doing; then go on and tell a friend or someone you know; because people do find it easier to trust word of mouth as a recommend.

I know whenever I am buying something new and searching through all the mass of internet pages; unless it has been well recommended, it’s difficult to know which one to trust as the better product.

If you are pleased with your hypnosis session; thank you for your comments and keep them rolling in; we really appreciate them. But, do remember to pass on the good news to friends and relatives.