How Hypnosis CD’s Work – The Process in 4 Steps

There are four main steps to the process of our hypnosis CD’s and downloads – we have body and physical relaxation, mind relaxation, imagery and positive suggestion, and back to full awareness.

Since we are all different there may be times when you feel more relaxed mentally than physically, or maybe you will experience positive images before listening to the suggestions. Whichever way you experience hypnosis, this is a guide to give you a breakdown of just how this works.

The first step would be to give yourself some time – time for you, when you know you will not be disturbed. Maybe you will lock the door, unplug the telephone, turn of the TV and close the curtains – whatever you need to do to get yourself ready to relax.

Depending upon the hypnosis CD (or hypnosis download) you choose, you may be asked to count whilst taking a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to feel more comfortable with each easy breath. Often in a person’s normal days activity they do not take many very deep breaths; it’s quite amazing how filling your lungs with as much air as possible and then slowly releasing it, can help you to feel more comfortable. You will be asked to close your eyes to avoid any distractions, whilst breathing normally. Some people have been known to keep their eyes open; however, before the end of the recording, have closed them because they felt so comfortable.

Step two involves being guided through a mind relaxation to calm and slow down your cognitive thoughts. Those are the constant thoughts flowing through your mind each and every day. Those kinds of niggling thoughts about what else you need to do today or what you need to remember for tomorrow etc.

Again, depending upon which hypnosis CD you are listening to you may be asked to bring your awareness to parts of your body gradually relaxing each group of muscles. You may be asked to, breathe in calmness and relaxation and allow any tensions to just flow out of you.This whole process is called the hypnotic induction. It is very relaxing and in itself it can be used to relieve the minor tensions and anxieties which are frequently associated with all kinds of stressful circumstances.

By the time you reach the third step, you should be feeling calm, relaxed and quite comfortable. You will feel comfortable enough to go on a journey of imagery and positive suggestions. Depending upon the hypnosis recording you have chosen, you will be talked through an experience to relieve your symptoms. If you were stressed; you will learn to relax in difficult situations; if you were a smoker; you will find giving up easier; if you were scared of flying; you will feel more comfortable. As we suggest, the more regularly you listen to your hypnosis CD or MP3 download, the more useful it will be to help you change.

The final stage involves being guided back to full awareness, often by counting and then taking a deep breath with a big stretch, so you feel fully refreshed.