How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with Hypnotherapy

I can write forever about hypnosis and all sorts of things connected with hypnosis and hypnotherapy; but the real change comes with you taking action and actually having the personal experience of change. Only then will you come to realise just what power you have within yourself to change all manner of aspects within your life.

The reason for writing this blog post about blood pressure is because is a few days ago we received the following email from a satisfied customer:

“I am so impressed with my first purchase “Manage Your Blood Pressure”. I suffer from white coat hypertension and my new GP was about to prescribe medication as my reading was so high. However she agreed to let me monitor my own BP at home for 2 weeks and I am delighted to say that my 1st reading after listening to the CD was 121/70 which is very satisfactory. I am so grateful.” – Barbara Priestley, London, UK.

Barbara kindly gave us permission to share her comments – and we’re grateful to Barbara for taking the time to let us know how helpful the session has been for her.

If you check your blood pressure regularly, or have a nurse or doctor take your blood pressure – you will know how worrying it can be. Especially if you are told to rest and nothing changes.

Now, I am not for one minute suggesting that you use our hypnotherapy for high blood pressure recording instead of having regular check ups with your GP or nurse. They are very important and play a vital role in your wellbeing. What I would like to explain to you is the real power within you, which can be fired up through using deep relaxation alone.

Lets first look at the words ‘blood pressure’; this, to me, suggests a part of you which needs to be at a well balanced level in order for your whole body to work healthily. Correct? So, to do this, the last thing you want to experience, is ‘life’s balancing scales’ toppling over and you having to take more medication and have more regular medical check ups. This is what happens each time your body feels anxious or tense about anything.

Pressure, tension and ‘hypertension’ all give your body a different experience inside, which can often feel as if it’s out of your control. We’re often led to believe the only way to cope with blood pressure problems or hypertension is to take medication.

I recently spoke to a family friend on the telephone about her worries in connection with how to manage blood pressure problems. She was concerned that she had no control over her life anymore. No matter how much she rested or how much healthier she ate, her blood pressure was still ‘sky high’. She had even reached the stage of feeling anxious about what her next blood pressure reading might be.

I asked her if she knew how to take her own pulse and she replied, somewhat curiously, “yes”. So, I asked her to go for a short walk and when she immediately stopped to take her pulse reading for one minute and write it down. Then, when she felt rested, I asked her to take her pulse again and write down the beats per minute again.

When she rang me back yesterday, she agreed it was obviously going to be different because she was moving around and the pulse was bound to be higher after exercise and lower when she rested. However, I explained to her that if, when her body was rested, her pulse was slower; does that not prove her body is capable of slowing down and making changes inside, when she felt more calm. I told her this is like a tiny ‘seed’ which we can germinate with the use of self hypnosis to get more control over her life.

I also explained hypnosis works in a similar way in that even from the very basics of relaxation, the body calmly and slowly reaches its own natural balance of harmony because hypnosis helps us to reach that deeper level. From taking deeper breathes and getting more oxygen into your body; to just being there and living in the moment, instead of being concerned about yesterday or tomorrow.

Even without any actual positive suggestions, once our bodies start to relax, we cannot help but feel more comfortable. Once tension starts to be released everything works so much more smoothly and gives you a more healthier reading. Check your own pulse rate and notice the difference.

Manage your blood pressure or anything else in your life with our tried and tested hypnotherapy CDs and downloads.