HypnoShop.com is now SelfHypnosis.com

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Screenshot of new website design

Logo of hypnoshop and selfhypnosis

Although our website looks and feels the same as it did yesterday, there’s one fairly big change. Our name is different. Yes, after 13 years being known as HypnoShop.com, we have changed our name to SelfHypnosis.com.

About a month or so ago we were recording some new self hypnosis sessions (soon to be released!) and during a break I asked Barrie St John the following “If you could have your choice of any domain name for our website, what would be the ideal name?” After a few moments Barrie simply said “SelfHypnosis.com”. I smiled and then told Barrie that we might soon be changing names! Barrie’s quickfire answer helped confirm that we had made a really good choice.

If you already have a HypnoShop.com account then don’t worry, everything remains the same. You can simply login as before and get instant access to your sessions.

Everything shall remain the same, apart from the name change. Although we do have big plans for the future and we intend to get bigger and better in the weeks and months ahead. Now that we’ve got the name change out of the way, we can get back to making more great products. We have some new sessions due for release very soon, so stay tuned!