Improved iOS (Apple) App Released

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Announcement of new app version

We are very pleased to announce that an updated version (version 3.0) of our ‘Smart Session’ self hypnosis iOS app is now available to download on the app store. We highly recommend you install this version as it includes many bug fixes and improvements.

So, what’s new? Well, quite a lot actually. Here’s an overview of the main changes:

The ‘Sessions’ page now groups multi-track sessions

If you have any of our multi-track sessions (i.e. Super-7 Series) then you will be pleased to know that our new app now groups these together. This makes for a more compact sessions page and keeps it much tidier. To access the individual tracks all you need to do is click on the + symbol to expand the group.

A more streamlined setup for ‘Smart Session’ configuration

Screenshot of setup page on appIf you used our previous app then you will know that our ‘Smart Sessions’ require additional files to be downloaded. But we have replaced the annoying ‘Please configure settings’ message with a much more user-friendly setup. Instead, the default files are now downloaded before the player page – and what’s more, you can also choose to customize the settings.

Now when you download a ‘Smart Session’ you will be presented with a new screen that gives you a choice; ‘1-Click Setup’ (for the default settings) or ‘Custom Setup’. After you make your choice the session will load. We believe this is a much more user-friendly setup process, as we know many people were confused by the ‘Please configure settings’ message.

Volume controls are now on the ‘Player’ screen

We have moved the vocal and background music volume controls from the settings page to the player screen. This means you can now control the volume levels without having to go to the settings page and reloading the session.

Please also note that the position of the settings button on the player screen has been moved to the bottom. The top-right of the screen now includes a pop-up with details of our listening instructions.

Screenshot of settings screen of appImproved ‘Settings’ page with background music samples

The settings page now includes visual icons and has information pop-ups to explain each section. But the biggest change to the settings page is the inclusion of background music audio samples. This feature is long overdue as it obviously makes more sense to listen to samples within the app rather than via our website.

Sessions and audio files can now be deleted

Screenshot of clear feature on appIt is now possible to delete audio files from both the sessions and settings page. Simply right-swipe and select ‘clear’ on the chosen session / file. This will delete the audio and is very useful if you want to save space on your device. Please note that this does not remove a session or setting from the app, it just clears the file that was downloaded. You can then download it again at a later date if you wish.

We hope you like the improvements to the app. We intend to make more updates in future as we know there are still things that can be improved, but it’s one step at a time and we hope this update resolves many of the performance issues with the previous version. If you like it then please give us a good rating on the app store!

A quick message for users of our Android app – please note that we will soon begin work on updating the Android version. We have not forgotten about you! The only reason we chose to update the iOS version first is because it had many more issues that needed resolving.