Introducing Our New Look Website

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Screenshot of new website design

New Website ScreenshotsToday we have released our newly designed website which we hope you’ll find visually appealing, easy to navigate, faster to load and more responsive.

The main reason behind our new design was to improve the experience for those of you who visit us on mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. Our website is now fully responsive, which means it adjusts to the size of your screen.

We’ve done more than just tweak the look of our website. It now runs on a completely different system and as such we have made several changes to the way our website works. Let’s address some of these:

User Accounts

It’s always been a good idea to create an account with us so you can access your downloads, but this is now mandatory. This is because all orders now include downloads (see below) and these are made available on your own account page. This provides a better user experience and it only takes a moment to create an account.

Please note: if you already have an existing account with us then please create a new account. We’re sorry for any inconvenience – but the process of migrating accounts would have further delayed the launch of our new-look website. We will be migrating the order details of previous accounts so your download links should appear on your new account page in due course, provided you use the same email address to register. Please contact us for assistance.

CD Orders Now Include the Download

Up until now we have provided you with two options for our products; the CD version or the MP3 download version. Now every order will receive the download version and the CD version is an optional extra. This keeps it simple and means if you want the CD version then you still get access to the download version at no extra cost.

Free Worldwide Shipping for CD Orders

To keep things simple we have scrapped the shipping costs for CD orders. The price of a CD has increased slightly, but now there’s nothing to pay for shipping.

Product Reviews

We love receiving positive feedback about our products. You’ll now notice that each product page has a testimonials section where you can submit your own review directly from the page you’re on. If you enjoy our products then please let us know what you think. We respect your privacy so if you’d prefer not to use your real name then you don’t have to.

We have more new features and improvement that we will be rolling out across our website in the weeks ahead.

We really hope you like the improvements that we’ve made to our website. We have spent many hours testing the website to ensure it runs smoothly, but if you do spot any errors then please let us know.

P.S. We’re also delighted to announce the release of our new product rage… The Super-7 Series.