Download and Play Your Sessions Using Our Free iOS App

If you wish to save any of our self hypnosis sessions directly to your iPhone or iPad, then now you can!

In the past it was necessary to use a computer to download each session and then sync it with your Apple device using iTunes. But now you can save any of our sessions directly to your device thanks to our free iOS app. This page includes instructions for installing and operating the app.

Apple iOS App Screenshots
App screenshots

This app is only for iOS (Apple) devices. Almost all other smartphone and tablets (i.e. Android, Windows, etc) allow files to be saved directly by default, so there is no need for an app. The sole purpose of this app is to facilitate downloads on Apple devices, as files cannot be saved directly without it.

Installing and Using Our App

Our app is very simple to use, but please follow our instructions carefully to avoid any confusion.

Step 1: Install the app on your device(s)

Click the following link to get the app from the iTunes store. Install the app in the same way you would any other app.

Step 2: Open the app and login to your account

Open the app once it has been installed on your device. A login page will appear once opened:

iOS App Login Page Screenshot

Enter your username and password to login to the app.

Please note: you can login to your account on our website with either your username or email address, but the app requires your username. If you are unsure what your username is then first login to your account on our website by using your email address. You will then see your username mentioned on your account dashboard page. Make a note of this and be sure to use your username to login to the app. Here is a screenshot showing where your username will be shown (highlighted in red):

My Account Page Screenshot

If you do not know your password then please use the forgotten password tool. If you’re still in doubt or need assistance then please contact us.

Step 3: Download your session(s)

After logging into the app you should see a list of your available sessions. The app will only show downloads which you have ordered from us.

Simply click the download icon, as shown in the screenshot below:

App Sessions Page Screenshot

Please allow a few moments for the MP3 to download. This will depend upon your internet connection.

Step 4: Play your session(s)

The download icon will change to a play button once the MP3 has downloaded. Simply click on the play button as indicated below:

App Sessions Downloaded Screenshot

This will then open up the MP3 player page of the app. When you’re ready to listen to the session, simply press the play button.

We hope you find the app useful. If you’re still unsure or you experience difficulties with the app then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.