Hypnosis MP3 Download Instructions

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We know that some people still prefer to order our hypnosis CDs because they are not quite sure how to order the MP3 format. We’ve therefore put together the following instructions, which show you how to correctly download your hypnosis MP3 order and sync it up with iTunes. You can store our MP3s on any software platform, but the instructions that follow use iTunes as an example, since it’s the most popular.

Step 1

Once you’ve completed your order you’ll find the link to your hypnosis MP3 on the order confirmation page. When you click on the link to the download page you’ll see a box like this:

Click on the link as shown in the example image.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve clicked on the link a pop-up will appear (varies depending on your web browser) and it’s important that you click “Save”. Some people make the mistake of clicking “Open”, which means the file will be opened but not saved to your computer, which means you’ll have trouble finding the hypnosis MP3 later on. So make sure that you click “Save”.

Step 2

Once you click save you’ll have to choose a location on your computer where you’d like to save the MP3 file. In the example below the file is being saved to the iTunes Music folder, but you can save it anywhere you like – just remember where you save it.

Step 3

If you want to listen to your hypnosis MP3 on your iPod (or iPhone) then you’ll need to import the MP3 into iTunes. Open iTunes and go to “File > Add File to Library”, as shown here:

Locate where you saved the hypnosis MP3 and it’ll be imported into iTunes. From there you can transfer the hypnosis MP3 to your iPod or iPhone.

Obviously these instructions are for iPod users. If you have another type of MP3 player then you’ll have to follow the instructions for your specific device, but it should be very similar.

As you can see, ordering a hypnosis MP3 from SelfHypnosis.com is very easy. Remember that our hypnosis MP3s are cheaper than the CD format, and you have access to them instantly. So if you’ve been put off from ordering our hypnosis MP3s in the past, we hope this information is helpful.