Flying Freedom – Overcoming the Fear of Flying

It’s amazing how many people tell me they are scared of flying – they get all worked up and anxious about trips and holidays. Some even go out of their way not to even go to those wonderful places. Well, that’s their choice, isn’t it? You see, really, what they are scared of is dying not flying. If you are flying; you are sat on a plane; possibly reading, chatting with friends and family; watching a video or maybe eating one of those indifferent meals they supply – waiting to get to your destination. If you are dying you are plummeting your way to the ground at tremendous speed, with your entire life flashing before your eyes and suddenly thinking of all the things you wish you’d have said and done, but dared not to… Oh my! What an imagination we have, haven’t we?

A friend of mine went to an abseiling taster day – that is sliding down the side of very large buildings on a mere slip of a rope! For fun! Anyway, as she stood at the bottom of the scaffold, looking up at this ‘thrill ride’, she thought, ‘oh it’s not that high, I can do it!’. So, off she went to climb to the top and meet her guide for the session. Upon reaching the top and sitting with her legs dangling from the edge, lurching forward, her whole body was shaking; she was breathing faster and faster; she was very scared and asked if she could change her mind. All the guide could say was, ‘aw, cum on, you’re gonna make me look a fool if you go back down….you know, I’ve had years of training to teach people this kind of thing, do you not think this equipment has been tested and re-tested, it’s more than my job’s worth. Go on, you’ll be okay, enjoy yourself…’ With a few gentle words, off she jumped, putting her trust in the guide and the harness secured around her body. She held the rope and took herself down slow at first, and then a little faster, then really fast, giving out a scream of excitement as she safely reached the ground.

In the same trusting way, my Fear of Flying Hypnosis CD takes you through the process of helping you to learn to overcome fears and enjoy the journey.