Pain Control and Self Hypnosis

Your pain is rather like a warning sign; it lets you know as soon as there is a problem. A message is sent very quickly to let you know you are not feeling well and need to do something about it straight away or it will keep sending more of the same warning messages until you pay attention.

Acute pain is a signal of an urgent response and we seek the cause of our pain. It is extremely important to get good medical advice and treatment of any injury or disease. Once it has been diagnosed and treated at the hospital or by your GP, there is often no longer the need for pain any more and your mind should stop sending you those messages. However, even after you have visited the hospital or doctor, undergone the appropriate treatment and been discharged, sometimes you may still feel pain and may need to take medication for some time. Some may suffer from chronic or ongoing pain. Headaches, migraine, back pain, arthritis, and gout are among the chronic pains that people often suffer. Certain cancers, and even their treatments, can cause and produce unneeded pain.

We use self hypnosis to control the unwanted and unneeded pain using special technique to help you feel more comfortable; whilst keeping your warning system in place. Hypnosis is well known for its affect on the physical body. Using self-hypnosis helps your unconscious to recognise and dismiss any unnecessary pain. We teach your unconscious mind to sieve out all painful feelings and keep the signals which help to indicate a new problem or a change in an existing one, using a tailor made sensor system within the therapy.

I once had a client who was seeking pain relief for chronic back pain. He had undergone two operations at the hospital to remove a disc in his spine. Unfortunately, the pain he has during the recovery of each surgical procedure was very strong and most over the counter analgesia (painkillers) did not help him. He was waiting for a further operation on his spine to enable him to sit down for longer periods without the shooting pains in his legs and, arms and back. One month ago, he was taking morphine, prescribed by his GP and his quality of life was diminishing, as he felt very depressed.

I worked with him and also gave him our pain management self hypnosis CD recording along with the hypnotherapy for depression CD recording. He has listened to both the hypnotherapy recordings for one month now and although he is still waiting to have his operation, he only takes over the counter analgesia. He says he feel happier and is looking forward to getting over his next operation. He plans to keep on listening to the hypnotherapy recordings throughout, until he feels fully recovered.

So, some pain, even long term pain can be positively changed within a month of using self hypnosis / hypnotherapy. Remember, all change is dependent upon you commitment and determination to listen to your self hypnosis recordings regularly. Nothing comes without effort.

For those who have chronic, long term pain, it may take longer for your comfort level to be found. However, perseverance is a must; because once you start practising self-hypnosis, the good feelings you have as your thoughts begin to change into happy ones, is the start of a strong foundation. As you start to feel happier about your future and more comfortable with yourself and your body, there will be areas of your life which will change. It might be you take up a different hobby. This will also help occupy your mind, while your practice of self hypnosis works for a more healthier you.