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We always appreciate receiving testimonials from our customers and we’ve had some great feedback over the years. If you have benefitted from any of our self-hypnosis sessions then we’d really like to hear from you too.

Starting this month we’re going to begin our own ‘Product Review Lottery’. Submit a testimonial about any of our products and give yourself a chance of winning 5 self-hypnosis sessions of your choice. We’ll randomly select a product review on the first working day of each month and the winner will be notified by email. We’ll also announce each monthly winner on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Additionally, we’ll give everyone who submits a review a 10% discount coupon which can be used on a future order, as a thank you for taking part. So everyone’s a winner!

How should I submit my review(s)?

Please use our contact form.

What should I write about in my review?

Simply tell us in your own words how the product you’re reviewing has helped you, how it has changed you, what you liked about it, or anything else. Don’t worry about your writing skills. We’re not looking for the next Shakespeare, just honest reviews from satisfied customers.

How long does each review need to be?

There is no limit on the length of your review. It can be anywhere from a couple of sentences to several paragraphs. Obviously we’d like more than just “it was good” or “it worked”. If you fancy writing a long review then there’s a chance we could even feature it on this blog. Contact us if you have a good success story you’d like to share with the world.

Can I submit more than one review?

Yes, please do! If you benefited from more than one of our self-hypnosis sessions then tell us your experiences with each of them. The more reviews you submit the greater your chance of winning the monthly prize.

Does the review need to be about our products?

Ideally we’d like the reviews to focus on specific products because we want to publish them on our product pages. A general testimonial about our site would also be very much appreciated, so feel free to do both.

Do I need to use my real name?

No. We would prefer it if you use your real name but we respect your privacy. We also know that some of our self-hypnosis sessions are of a sensitive nature. Our written testimonials usually include a name, city/town and country, e.g. by John Smith, New York, USA. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous then just make a note at the end of your review (or include a different name / location) and we’ll be sure to honour your wishes.

What if I’ve already submitted a testimonial in the past?

Just let us know and we’ll gladly enter you into the first draw. You can also write another review if you want to and thereby increase your chances of winning.

Other Ideas (More than Words)…

Written reviews are great and we value all of them, but there’s no doubt that some types of testimonials can appear more convincing than others (people sometimes think we fabricate our testimonials, which we don’t!). With this in mind, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider:

#1 Send a photo with your review

Photo imageIt’s often said that a photo speaks a thousand words. It certainly helps boost the credibility of a testimonial, so we’d love to include a photo of you alongside your review. We’ll add another entry for you into our monthly draw as an extra thank you. Just let us know if you’re willing to send us a photo when you send in your review (or after you’ve sent it) and we’ll give you more details about the best way to send us your photo.

#2 Post your review on our Facebook page

Facebook wall postPost your review on our Facebook page and we’ll add another entry for you into our monthly draw. You can also be creative if you like and post a photo directly onto our Facebook wall. For example, if you’ve overcome the fear of flying then you could post a photo of yourself on holiday. Or if you’ve lost weight with our help then you could post a photo of the new slimmer, trimmer you. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to email us if you do this so that we can send you the coupon.

#3 Create a Video Testimonial

Example of video testimonialThis might be a bit ambitious but it would be absolutely great to receive some video testimonials. They don’t need to be professional, so the video camera on your phone will be fine (if you have one). We recommend posting it on YouTube and sending us the URL of your video. Due to the increased credibility of a video testimonial, we’ll give anyone who does it 10 entries into the monthly draw. If you need help or have any questions about doing a video review then please contact us.

We know that the vast majority of the reviews we receive will be traditional written reviews, which is fine. The suggestions above are just added bonuses. All types of reviews are very much appreciated and we will be delighted to hear from you.


The first monthly draw will take place on Monday 1st July 2013 and thereafter the first working day of each month.

Please give us 48 hours to send out your coupon code.

Start sending your reviews to us today!