Public Speaking Made Easy

Illustration of a public speaker with audience

I have made many speeches over the years. I enjoy it but I know that the mere thought of public speaking sends many people into sheer panic and they’ll avoid it through all means necessary. The fear of speaking in public is extremely widespread, and if you are affected by it then rest assured that you are not alone in your suffering. This doesn’t mean you should accept it.

A fear of speaking in public is linked to certain insecurities. Some people have low self-esteem, while others are too self conscious. No matter the reason, if you find yourself sweating too much, having your throat go dry, or even feeling nauseated when you are about to talk in front of strangers, consider using our self-hypnosis recording ‘Public Speaking Confidence’ – because hypnosis is a very effective tool in treating public speaking anxiety.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your speeches:


In our public speaking confidence self-hypnosis session we use mental rehearsal as a tool. People are often scared of things that are new to them. Speaking in front of an audience is the type of thing that does not happen every day, which means that you need to reduce that degree of novelty. Rehearsing in your own mind is great, but you can do it in public too. Ask a friend to assist you while you are rehearsing your speech. If you have more friends that are willing to help you, well, even better. You could have a small audience in front of you and you’ll be able to reproduce at least part of the conditions for giving your speech.


It’s important that you understand what you’re going to be talking about. If you just repeat some words that have no meaning to you, you’ll soon discover that you cannot remember these words when the situation requires it. Learn your speech by cutting it in smaller chunks. This way, you will allow your brain to digest it, and to incorporate it in your thoughts, so you can naturally remember it when you will be in front of an audience. Better yet, become the expert!

Get Some Rest

A well rested mind can work wonders for public speaking. It’s important to get enough rest so that you don’t feel strung out or stressed. Your brain will function better and you’ll find it easier to identify the information you seek. Any of our self-hypnosis recordings will help with this.

You should also avoid any kind of tiring activities the night before you need to give an important speech. This will allow your mind to relax better and to keep all the things in order. Just like before an exam, don’t consume too much alcohol the night before either.

Look Your Best

It is easier to feel confident when you look good. Take some time picking out your clothes. Make sure they are presentable, but also comfortable. People tend to think better of you when you are well dressed. Be sure to look like someone that takes good care of their appearance.

Silence Breaks Are Allowed

One mistake that many people make is to try and fill in the breaks that occur naturally during a speech. Silence breaks can often be considered a sign that the speaker is thinking about what to say next. This is considered thoughtful by the audience. Filling in the breaks with hesitating sounds shows weakness. Take the opportunity to drink a bit of water, especially if your throat is dry, before getting back to your speech. Your audience is not your enemy. If you need a few seconds to recollect your thoughts, it is alright to do so.

Make a note of these public speaking tips before you’re due to do a speech. Some of these tips might sound obvious but they can be very effective, particularly when combined with our hypnosis for public speaking session. If you do have a problem with speaking in public, then you should start using my self-hypnosis session right away. That should be your priority. With the help of hypnosis, you can become a charismatic public speaker and motivate others to follow the same path.