Refund Policy

Money Back GuaranteeWe want you to order from us with complete confidence and are therefore proud to offer a 90-day money back guarantee on our self hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads. We know how effective our hypnotherapy sessions can be and we believe that almost everyone can benefit from them, when they are used as directed. However, if you’re unhappy with our products and don’t feel like you have benefited after using them for the recommended time frame then please contact us and we will issue you with full refund.

Refund Policy Terms and Conditions

We always honour our 90-day money back guarantee, but to prevent abuse of our policy we impose the following conditions:

  • Refunds are limited to one order per person / household, and/or…
  • Refunds are limited to a maximum of 5 single sessions or 1 Super-7-Series course.
  • A refund for a Super-7-Series course will only be permitted after 30-days (the length of a course) and not before.
  • A refund for a CD order will only be issued upon the return of the items to us. Buyer shall bear the cost of shipping.
  • Our refund policy is valid for a period of 90-days only. We cannot issue refunds beyond this time period.

We believe these conditions are more than fair and prevent any abuse of our money back guarantee.

If you haven’t ordered from us yet and are unsure about whether you will like our products or not, then consider starting with one or two single sessions only. This will prevent any disappointment. Likewise, if in the unlikely event you discover that you don’t like our products then we kindly ask you don’t order from us again to prevent further disappointment.