Self Hypnosis Packages

We often get asked by our valued customers for suggestions on which hypnotherapy sessions compliment each other. With that in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions. These packages or ‘bundles’ represent great value for money and have been put together specifically to help you ‘create and develop’ even more personal change for yourself. As we know, suggestion is a strong element of hypnotherapy, therefore why not use a ‘buckshot approach to change’ by purchasing titles which directly compliment each other?

Special Offers: We offer discounts when you purchase more than one title per order:

  • Any 2 Sessions – Save 15%
  • Any 3 Sessions – Save 20%
  • Any 4 Sessions – Save 25%
  • Any 5 Sessions – Save 30%

We hope the following suggestions give you some ideas.

Workplace Stress

This bundle has been put together to help you feel more resourceful around your working life. When you Manage Stress more effectively it can help you to feel more Emotional Calm creating a healthier Work Life Balance for yourself. A better work life balance can lead to you waking up in the morning feeling more Fresh and Alert looking forward to the challenges today will bring. Discovering more Patience can be helpful both at work and in your everyday life. Now you can see why we’ve put together these particular titles to create a superb package. Use this bundle to help ‘link and connect’ resources using your own creative imagination.

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The Student

This bundle has been put together to help you feel more resourceful around student life. An increase in your Brain Power can lead to a better trained Memory. Exam success is often determined by your level of Motivation to study regularly and consistently. As you can see, this bundle helps you to create and develop the resources needed for more successful Study.

Develop More Confidence

This bundle has been put together to help you boost your Self Esteem and help you create and develop more Confidence in all areas of your life. More confidence can allow you to develop more Charisma which can often help you to be more Assertive. More confidence in yourself can often lead to a shift in our social behaviour paving the way to feeling and being more Sociable. As you can see, all these titles compliment each other helping you to create and develop more self confidence in all that you do.

Shake Your Shyness

This bundle has been put together to help you begin to overcome Shyness and associated uncomfortable feelings and behaviour. When you feel more self confidence you are less likely to feel self conscious and this can lead to you feeling more comfortable when you are out and about and in Social Situations. When you are more Confident, you are less likely to be concerned what others might think about you and are less likely to Blush. More confidence can mean we can begin to enjoy social situations more readily. These titles are a creative mix of resources which can really help you to begin to socialise in comfort.

The Health Kick

This bundle has been put together to help you ‘start the journey’ to more health and wellbeing. Maybe you need more Motivation to Exercise? Maybe you need to begin to pay more attention to your diet and Eat Healthier food? Maybe you need to cut down on your Alcohol intake to create a better sense of wellbeing? Whatever area you want to develop, this bundle contains resources to help you develop feelings and behaviour that can lead to a ‘Healthier You’.

The Motivated Worker

This bundle has been put together to help you increase your Motivation and Confidence in and around your working life. We’ve all had those days when we would prefer to curl up and stay in bed rather than go to work! These titles can help you to begin to get more out of yourself and your job. Whether you Procrastinate or struggle to Manage your Time this bundle can help you to create and develop more confidence paving the way for you to be more motivated to be the best you can be and to be your best at work.

The Entrepreneur

This bundle has been put together to help you to develop your Potential and help you to be the best you can be. How many times do we go without or not bother? How many times do we limit ourselves with our negative thinking? So why not: develop ways of Managing your Time Effectively. Learn how to get into ‘uptime’ by taking a Power Nap. Increase your Motivation and ‘push the boundaries’. Yes, these titles can help you to create and develop ways of expanding your ‘inner world’, which in turn, helps you be your best in the outside world.

The Road to Success

This bundle has been put together to help you ‘get on track’ and move towards more success in your life. Positive thinking is absolutely paramount in Success; it leads to positive feelings and positive behaviour. Successful people do not imagine or think things wont work! They have Motivation and are Assertive enough to ‘open doors’. They also have more Emotional Intelligence which allows them to achieve in many areas, both in work and play. These titles cover all these angles and are designed to help you to develop resources ‘opening the door’ to a more successful you in all that you do!

The Single Man

This bundle has been put together to help you begin to feel more comfortable making friends and developing new relationships. We all know that sometimes our feelings get in the way of doing what we want to do. Sometimes we imagine what will happen if we try to make new friends. Sometimes we ‘know’ what another relationship will be like! (Sometimes this is based on our previous relationships). At times in our life we just need a Boost in Confidence to help us move towards what we want. This bundle can help you to develop the Confidence and Charisma needed to be more successful in this area. These titles can help you to develop more Dating Confidence helping you to begin to enjoy forming new and meaningful relationships.

The Improved Partner

This bundle has been put together to help you begin to Improve your Relationships. Let’s face it, relationships can be hard work! Sometimes people carry Lots of Baggage around and this can get in the way in our relationships. Sometimes we struggle with Anger and this can spill into a relationship, sometimes stopping or affecting our ability to feel close. Most people would agree that the ability and willingness to Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It just so happens that this can be really hard to do. You can see how all of the titles in this bundle compliment each other, allowing and helping you to begin to develop in these areas needed to experience and enjoy special, intimate relationships.

Less Stress

This bundle has been put together to help you develop varying ways of Managing Stress. It can sometimes feel like stress is all around us, the secret, of course, is how we respond to it! When we have Sleep Problems we can feel stressed and struggle to maintain a Work Life Balance. When we feel stressed we struggle to feel Calm within ourselves and this can have a negative ‘knock on’ effect in many areas of our life. It makes good sense to begin to tackle stress in differing creative ways and this bundle does just that. These titles can help you learn to respond differently to stress creating more emotional health and balance in your life.

Ultimate Weight Loss

This bundle has been put together to help you develop new thoughts, feelings and behaviours connected to your eating pattern. Let’s face it; we all know that healthy, consistent weight loss is more than just changing our diet. What we think feel and imagine has a direct connection to our behaviour! (Eating). Consistent, permanent weight reduction and staying Slim and Trim means a shift in thinking and feeling, not just a change in diet. Our Body Image has a direct connection to our shape and size. Our Self Esteem and emotional health can often have a direct relationship with our eating pattern, (comfort eating). Now you can begin to understand why we have these titles in this bundle, help yourself create change from ‘inside out’ with this excellent mix designed to help you safely reduce your weight.

When you ‘link and connect’ your ‘inner world’ by using your creative imagination, you have more opportunity to develop inner resources which can lead to more positive changes in your life.

We hope you’ve found our suggestions useful. Remember, we have over 100 different hypnotherapy sessions, so we recommend you browse our site and choose the titles that best fit your situation.