How to Rid Yourself of ‘The Stress Sickness’

Stress in the workplaceAre you the type of person who doesn’t worry about anything, or does waiting for the bus make you feel all wound up? Do you enjoy pressure, or avoid it at all costs?

More than half of us feel stressed out at least once a month, and often more. Money worries, work pressures, difficult relationships – all of these contribute to our stressed out lives.

Of course, a little bit of stress does no harm. It can even be good for us. It can even motivate us to make changes. But having too much stress in our life and holding on to it is a bad thing. Lying awake worrying does no one any good. It can affect your health, making you more susceptible to infection and it can affect your memory. It can also lead to depression. When stress becomes too much, you can start to lack energy and interest in the outside world.

These depressive feelings can lead to further problems with your emotional health.

Stresses you hold within yourself help muscles to ‘clench’ tightly. They get used to being in that position, almost as if it were your way of life. All your muscles and body parts are connected in some way or another and they all feel the stress seep through your bloodstream, causing unnecessary negative feelings. Unfortunately, because your body is all part of the same unit, it doesn’t take long for ‘all of you’ to start feeling really low and tired.

But, you can turn it around. You can let go of the stress you feel each and every day.

Stress is a word which means different things to different people. For someone with a high powered management job, the responsibility of that job might be unbearable. But it may be that you have children and you feel that you ‘just haven’t had a moment to yourself’.

Self hypnosis can help you to relax your muscles and take more oxygen into your body; giving your muscles a chance to feel differently; to let go of all the tenseness. Your shoulders will drop to a comfortable position; your back will straighten; your posture will change; the tone of your voice will sound stronger and more positive. Also, your body will start receiving signals that everything is calm and serene. Your blood flow will be smoother; flowing through each and every part of you; giving a real sense of wellness.

If this is how you would like to feel; listen to the stress management hypnosis recording with commitment to yourself because you will notice the difference. As soon as you develop your own skill to relax and feel more comfortable using self hypnosis, you will wonder just how you managed without it.