Hypnosis Success Stories

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Over the years (we’ve been here since 2002) we’ve had lots of really positive feedback from our customers. It’s always great to hear the success stories and it keeps us motivated – so we’d like to thank all those of you who have emailed us with your testimonials. We recently added some new testimonials to the site, such as this one by Maria O’Connor from sunny Ireland:

I wanted to sincerely thank you for making these great hypnosis sessions available! Last year I was suffering from insomnia for nearly two months after the loss of my brother. I went to the doctor, and was prescribed stronger and stronger sleeping pills but they seemed to stop working after two weeks. Feeling like going mad and totally without hope, I got a suggestion from a hypnotist over the phone to try a recorded session over the internet. With the help of your “Sleep Now” tape – as I like to call them – on the fifth night of listening to it I was able to get my first night of five uninterrupted hours of sleep and could start to function nearly-normal again from then on. May you receive all the goodness for helping people deal with their problems and make their lives better.

A big thanks to Maria for the above testimonials and for allowing us to share it with the world. Of course, this is just one of the positive comments we receive. If you’d like to see those we’ve published then please see our testimonials page. Unlike some websites, where it’s clear they invent their own testimonials – all our testimonials are 100% genuine, and we’re proud of this fact. If you’ve found success with our hypnosis downloads (or maybe with our hypnosis CDs) then feel free to contact us. We will only publish your comments if you give permission, and we can change your name and location if you prefer, for privacy reasons. Thanks again to all those who have contacted us over the years. We’re very grateful.