We've been producing and selling self hypnosis products since 2002 - and have helped tens of thousands of people around the world with a wide range of issues. We're really pleased with the quality of our self hypnosis products and have had some excellent feedback from many of our customers over the past 20 years, which we'd like to share with you here. Please be aware that because we respect our customer's privacy, all the comments and testimonials on this page have been re-written from customer emails and letters with their full permission.

Disclaimer: All of our testimonials are from genuine customers but please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

Thank you for providing me with a very effective avenue of self-improvement! These self hypnosis CD's work - they are a one-two punch against stress, and for building a quiet and strong foundation in one's own beliefs. I will continue to make selections in the future. George Arnold - Long Island, New York, USA.

Hi! I wanted to say that I absolutely love your hypnosis downloads. I have been having some real noticeable changes in my life and I am very pleased. Thank you for such a great service. Rhiannon Strobel - North Kingstown, USA.

I have bought several hypnosis recordings from SelfHypnosis.com. They are the best hypnosis recordings I’ve heard. I particularly like Barrie St. John’s recordings. Most of them have worked very well for me. Keep up the good work! Julia Nizinski C.Ht. (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) - California, USA.

I have several of the sessions and I REALLY love them! I particularly enjoy the Find Happiness and the Anxiety Release sessions, they are very helpful to me. I've gotten instant results every time and even have the recordings on my iPhone so I can access them at any time. I do also recommend the Self-Hypnosis Success e-book, it gives vital information about how to get the most of out of your experience. In a nutshell, I think that everyone should try these tools to help them with any issues they may be having. They really do work wonders! Candy Buckley - Chicago, USA

You were recommended to my by my hypnotherapist. She told me I would find a vast selection of CD's for personal use and that she trusted the site. Well, I am glad I did visit. I have a small library of SelfHypnosis.com CDs and through the help of your CD's I have improved my life. I am a 58-year-old grandmother and take care of my 7-year-old granddaughter while my daughter works (take her/pick her up from school, etc). I am a translator by trade and I work at home. I am overweight (30 lbs.) and using the Weight Loss CDs (Start Exercise, Slim & Trim and Healthy Eating) has helped and motivated me to change my eating habits, to exercise, and keep my body healthy (I already lost 5 lbs!!). My day is packed with chores and work but it's all easy to do (Work Life Balance, Time Management, Self Confidence, CDs). I have more energy and stamina now than I've had in a very long time. Raquel Rodriguez - El Paso, Texas, USA

I have purchased a number of tapes from SelfHypnosis.com and find them all to be effective. My particular favourites are the relaxation and stress relief downloads. Joanne Smith - California, USA

I have purchased quite a few mp3 downloads from SelfHypnosis.com over a period of six months. I have enjoyed them all and they have been a great benefit to me on a very personal level. I am now looking to download another couple as I have been very satisfied with the ones in the past. Many thanks. RG - New South Wales, Australia

I have purchased three of your hypnosis downloads and I love them. The voices are so smooth and soothing and help me to relax and go to sleep. I feel refreshed, positive and ready to take on the world. Tatia Lewis - Connecticut, USA

I have found the hypnosis CDs that I purchased fantastic. They really work and it does not take too long to feel the effects from listening to them. Sue Roach - Melbourne, Australia.

I will be recommending your hypnosis CDs and your website to people I know - they are excellent quality and really worth the effort of listening to and making changes - thank you! Mrs P Thwaite - Liverpool, UK

I have downloaded many of your hypnosis mp3s and to be honest they have changed my life. The positive thinking, weight loss (slim and trim) and exercise excellence sessions have all allowed me to bring the happiness into my life. Looking at things in a positive light brings people closer to you and removes negativity from everyday issues. The slim and trim keeps you from straying from eating healthy and the exercise excellence changes the way you view and feel about exercise. These and many others keep my life balanced and healty. I have introduced hypnotheripy to my children, my parents, and my friends, and they have all benefited from them. Jacqui Jenkins - Auckland, New Zealand

I bought several hypnosis recordings from SelfHypnosis.com. and I am pleased to say that I really love your hypnosis downloads. I believe they are the best hypnosis recordings out there. I particularly like Barrie St. John's recordings. I've been listening to stress relief hypnosis when I feel I am stressed and it helps me every time. Kelly Smith - San Francisco, USA

I really love the tracks I have downloaded. These include Awaken Intuition, Creative Dream work, Effective Money Management, Increase your Brain Power, Boost your Charisma and a couple of others. The ones I mostly listen to at the moment are Increase your Brain Power and Awaken Intuition. I have found them to have made a significant improvement in my life, and I have just recommended SelfHypnosis.com to a friend who is in need of a means of relaxing! There are still a few tracks I would really like to download. I'm pretty spoiled for choice! I really have to recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to make lasting changes in their life. Tapping into the subconscious is key. Thank you :) Rosy Hill - London, UK

I have downloaded a number of sessions recorded by Barrie St. John. I have to say that all of them have helped me. My problem is that I am able to function fine during the day without being consumed with anxiety about anything that may be stressing me. During the night, however, when I wake up, my 'demons' come to the forefront to bother me. By that, I mean any anxiety about daily stresses or unusual and more trying stresses keep me awake and prevent returning to sleep. I have found that listening to one of the sessions before going to sleep initially allows me to be more relaxed when I do wake up during the night, which often times allows me to return to sleep. I am even able to self-hypnotize myself sometimes by recalling the beginning parts of the sessions. I will continue to download new sessions that come along as I like to vary which one I listen to. Thank you SelfHypnosis.com! Kath Atkins - New Jersey, USA

After listening to your hypnosis tape for 2 months an understanding of my painful present and childhood issues are coming to the surface. Deep emotional pain has dominated my life preventing me from expressing who I really am. Psychiatrists, psychologists, group therapy and pharmaceuticals – I did it all; nothing worked. I became very angry, resentful and self-destructive. I hated myself. In the tape, the part about visualizing myself as a newborn baby, holding myself close and loving myself always disturbed me but I kept on listening. Today, it became very clear about how truly painful my childhood experiences were to me and how they have continued making my life miserable up to this time. I became self-destructive; I hated myself. Now, I can see and feel this frightened, painfully shy and misunderstood little girl. I want to put my arms around her, to love her, protect her and care for her. I realize my recovery will take time but I have a new found hope that I can guide myself, inspire myself and be that unique human that I know I am. My fear was so deeply entrenched that without the help of hypnosis I could not “go there” on my own. Thank you Barry for your soothing voice and your wonderful words. I look forward to my sessions every. I can be kind to myself, I can love myself and I can be safe. Lisa Jackson - Montreal, Canada.

SelfHypnosis.com has seriously changed my life. I listen to the Attract Love hypnosis nightly when I go to sleep. It has helped me to think and feel differently about all of my relationships. I feel more confident and people I work with have commented on the difference in my attitude. I have used the Start Exercise in the past to help motivate me to work-out and guess what... I started training and lost 30 pounds. I recommend SelfHypnosis.com to my friends, family, and customers. Leslie M - California, USA

I bought several hypnotherapy downloads last year when I was at my lowest with depression and anxiety. I honestly have you to thank for saving my life because I truly believe your MP3's helped me overcome my depression and anxiety. I still listen to them occasionally as they are so relaxing. Thank you so much for your help. Stacey Bellas - Durham, U.K.

I just love your site. I have convinced so many of my friends and work colleagues to look at your site and buy your hypnosis programmes. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought to my life. Bonnie Fay – NSW, Australia

I have purchased two of your hypnosis mp3s and I have to say they are really good, very professional and I love the voice and soothing relaxation music. Rosa Bisson - California, USA.

I have been having a great success with your hypnosis audios and would love to continue using them for a long time. Dong Hwan Kim - Toronto, Canada

I use the hypnosis downloads everyday and have found them very useful thank you. I bought from you; Slim and Trim, Hypnotic Bodybuilding, Exercise Excellence, Stop Smoking, Anger Management and Studying Success for my children (which works like a charm) I think I also bought one on addiction, but I am not sure. Perhaps you can check my record....thank you again the CDs, which have been life changing. Patricia Finn – Luton, UK

I am a big fan of the SelfHypnosis.com’s hypnosis downloads and have been "singing your praises" to everyone I know that can benefit from your services. Heather Wagner - Colorado, USA.

This is the best hypnosis website on the internet because all of the programs offered are convincing. Your largest competitor claims that they are the MOST TRUSTED HYPNOSIS WEBSITE on the internet but I trust this website more. That is why I have bought your MP3s and I am considering buying more. CONGRATULATIONS on your success. Thank you. S. Abdalla - Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I have purchased from you before, for some depression I was experiencing last year. It helped me greatly. I highly recommend your site and hypnosis products to anyone looking for some extra help. Erika Pears – Brisbane, Australia

I have bought several of your hypnosis tapes (about 8 I think). The main reason for buying them is that I have had fairly high blood pressure, and 'white coat syndrome' due to losing my husband from multi-infarct dementia, about 11 years ago, which was a really harrowing experience which gave me a neurosis about my own blood pressure. I have used your hypnosis tapes, among other measures to reduce my blood pressure, (such as medicines which didn't really work with the 'white coat syndrome', and Resperate, a dedicated machine, to slow down breathing.) Your hypnosis tapes are excellent, and I have been listening to them for about 2-3 weeks. I listened to them this morning, the 'blood pressure' one, and 'anxiety release', and went to have my blood pressure measured. For the first time for years it was normal!! I kept repeating 'deeply relaxed' in the waiting room, as per your instructions, and it clearly worked. I can't tell you how relieved and thrilled I am! So thank you so much. Nikki Keeper - Surrey, UK

I am writing to say how very pleased I am with your customer service, the whole experience has been one of great pleasure, and you may use my remarks in any promotional material that you see fit. Again I thank you for a most enjoyable experience and look forward to dealing with you in the future. Thanking you Don Gilliam - Lawrence, Kansas, USA

I was blown away with the effectiveness of your hypnosis products, and experienced the desired effects almost immediately. I will definitely be sharing your website with friends and family. Diana Zybala – Toronto, Canada.

Being a Yoga teacher, I have listened to a lot of hypnotherapy tapes and CDs over the years, but the voice of the therapist on the CD you supplied this week was very reassuring, very easy to listen to and made me feel very safe when totally relaxing. I have already felt the benefit of the message being conveyed. Thank you for a very impressive product and a very quick delivery - I was amazed when I got it the next day! Sandra Niven - Bath, UK

I would just like to thank you for your excellent, friendly, helpful and efficient service. Having purchased 3 of your CDs for certain areas in my life which needed improving on, I was very impressed by the service, of which I found to be excellent. But more importantly I found the voice and 3D effects on Barrie’s CD to be of a very good standard, and the suggestions to be very direct and to the point. After using the CDs for a few months now I have noticed a vast improvement in all the areas concerned, so thank you for your excellent CDs and excellent service. Lee McNab – Mallorca, Spain (UK Expat)

Your hypnosis CDs have been the best thing I have ever come across. I notice significant and immediate changes and then more subtle changes as time goes on. They have improved me as a person and I will continue to purchase as long as you continue to make them! Keep up the good work Imran Hussain - Leytonstone, London, UK

Hello, I really enjoy your hypnosis CDs. I've been most impressed with the audio quality and the content. I have ordered hypnosis CDs and subliminal CDs from all over the world with big differences in quality and content. Your CD is the first one I have continually listened to for at least once a day for about the last 10 days. I will be a regular customer of yours as I feel yours are the best hypnosis CDs I have come across. David Holmes - Telford, Shropshire, UK  

Hello, I bought two CD's from you and received them in the post yesterday - In the past I have purchased and used Paul McKenna CD's and I have to say the voice of Barrie St John was much more gentle and persuasive. I have also used other hypnosis CD's where the music was written by the hypnotist and the emphasis was on the music rather than on the words. I like the format and I feel I could make progress with my weight loss issue with him. Dana Harrison - Dublin, Ireland

Thanks, you really have a wonderful website and awesome products! Mary Weiss - Yorkshire, UK

Hi thanks for the CD, it really surprised me to actually receive it the next day! Wow, this was the fastest thing I have ever received that I have ordered. Thank you also for replying to me, I am going to try the CD as soon as I can, I will let you know how I have on. I have already told a friend about it and she was quiet keen. Anyway if this works then I will be so grateful and order other CD`s also I will recommend to everyone I know who smokes. Naseem Tariq - Leeds, UK

Thank you very much for this prompt service. The CD's arrived today. Richard Gibbs - Wokingham, UK

I myself have suffered from a fear of heights phobia. I have tried everything in the past, even prayer (as being a Christian). Different people have prayed over me lots of time in churches, all in the name of Jesus, but to no avail. I suspect there are those within the church who would disagree with hypnosis, concerning what they believe in. But to any sufferers, I would say to them, respectfully the sometimes these same people do not have to experience the trauma and undergo a restricted lifestyle that a phobia can bring, such as not being able to accompany my dear wife and family on holiday. It (hypnosis) is the cure and the end result that counts, surely. The fear of heights hypnosis CD is giving excellent results for me. Of that I am certain! Alan Cooke – West Midlands, UK

The reason that your CD's are better than any other is because the recordings are the best I have experienced and also that the times on them are all between 20 to 25 minutes and your mind doesn't start to wander or you don't get restless like other hypnosis CDs I have tried. If you are reading this review and are thinking whether or not to buy a CD or download then think of it like this - a highly trained hypnotherapist can cost around £100 to £200 per hour and you might need to see him 2 or 3 times but with these self hypnosis products you have your own hypnotherapist on tap and whenever you need a session then just put it on and away you go – it’s a no brainer! Philip Gallier - Manchester, UK

The CD was wonderful. Thank you very much! Christine Anton - Northville, Detroit, USA

It has been a real pleasure dealing with your company to date. I look forward to many more dealings with you in the future. John Thompson - Fort Nelson, Canada

I ordered three of your hypnosis downloads last August and loved them! The ‘Fear of Flying’ got me to Maui, which is a five hour flight! I love Barrie St. John. He has helped me more than any of the other hypnosis CDs I have bought in the past. Yvonne M. Segrove – San Francisco, USA.

I'd just like to say a quick thanks to Barrie for helping me with my confidence problems. I didn't really think the CD would work, but I am now a much more confident person. Thanks Barrie! Jason Stead - Scarsdale, New York, USA

I have to send you a big thank you for helping me turn my life around. I had a big problem with anger, which on occasions led to violence against my wife and sometimes other people. I had an uncontrollable rage that caused me a great deal of stress. Now I am a lot calmer and happy within myself. I first saw a hypnotherapist and the first session was ok. It was about relaxation, and the second week delved into why I became so angry and led me down the childhood path. Unfortunately on the third week I fell asleep in the session and when I awoke I became very agitated and when I met my wife I felt that I was about to explode and I did when we got home. I was on the verge of being sectioned that’s how bad I was, but your anger management hypnotherapy session put a stop to that. I used your anger management session for 7 consecutive days and only after 2 days did I notice changes in me. My wife is a much stressed person also and when she erupted and shouted at me, for the very first time I didn’t react with shouting and violence. I was calm and controlled. I also downloaded exercise excellence and have been listening for the past 7 days and I can also say it has made a difference to my state of mind when confronted with exercise. I don’t have any thoughts of. ‘Oh I can’t be bothered’ I just have a feeling of wanting to do it because I have a great feeling of enjoyment. I am a complete convert to hypnotherapy and can highly recommend your recordings to anybody with an open mind like I have. David Cobb – Lutterworth, UK.

Thanks for the great products. I've now purchased 7 of your self hypnosis recordings. I've gone through 3 other companies and can not find a single one that comes even close to your process. I've been studying/practicing hypnosis for four years and only recently reached a new deeper level thanks to you. Mark Thornton - Poulsbo, Washington, USA.

I find your recordings quite effective, especially the ones by Barrie St John. I've got quite a keen interest in using self hypnosis and similar mp3's like meditation, relaxation recordings. I've tried using things like brainwave entrainment and binaural beats too in the past - with disastrous results on my mental health from which I have recovered very well. Over the past few years, I've found hypnosis with entrainment or binaural beats cropping up almost everywhere across the internet. Despite my best efforts to avoid them, I've sometimes ending up unwittingly purchasing, then listening to them again because of poor labelling or insufficient product description of the sounds used. This often triggers off mild to moderate anxiety, worry, doubt, poor sleep and general impacts on my confidence. I trust your recordings as part of my recovery. Ady Potter - Lancashire, UK

This letter is long overdue! I started listening to your hypnotherapy CDs twelve months ago now, when I was under extreme pressure. I had a catalogue of health problems of my own, my mother had developed dementia, and life was very, very difficult (I even thought of ending my life at that time). To cut a long story short, I found that after using your CD’s I became less agitated, my blood pressure became normal, and I began to develop positive feelings. In fact these positive feelings crept up on me slowly, over time. I’m now much stronger in mind and body, and my coping skills have improved dramatically, which enables me to look after my mother much better than before. I have also become more positive, but I shall continue to listen to your CD’s daily for the foreseeable future. I have also recommended your hypnotherapy CD’s to friends who live at a distance, and they’ve found them to be very helpful. I think persistence is the key. I saw two hypnotherapists before finding your website (totally by chance I might add). Although they were both fully trained people, they did little to help me and after ten sessions I thought ‘enough is enough’. I really would like to see some new titles from you. Best wishes and thanks. Derek Evans - Eccleshall, Staffordshire, UK.

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