The iDownloads App for Your iPhone / iPad

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Please note: this article is no longer valid as the iDownloads app no longer works as it once did. If you find an app that does work then please let us know.

One of our most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few months is; “How do I download one of your self hypnosis MP3s directly onto my iPhone / iPad?”

It’s not been easy to find an solution, since these Apple products don’t allow this by default. Our advice up until now has always been to download onto your computer and then sync the MP3 onto your device using iTunes – which is still the best method because it stores the MP3 onto your computer first, and it’s always good to have a backup. However we appreciate that some people may not own a desktop computer and only access the internet via mobile devices. If you own an Apple device and don’t have access to a computer then that was a problem, until now.

Thankfully, we’ve now found a great little App called “iDownloads PLUS” which you can find in Apple’s App Store. Simply search for “idownloads” and you should find it. Here is a screenshot along with an example of using it to download one of our hypnosis MP3 downloads:

iDownloads App

It’s very easy to use. Simply download the free App and then use the built in browser to access our download page. The download page is the long URL (e.g. and you’ll find the link for this on the members area when you login to your hypnoshop account. If you didn’t register an account with us then just check your order email, which contains the special download links. Copy the URL, open up the iDownloads App and paste the URL it into the browser. You can then rapidly download the MP3 file onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

We hope you find this App useful.