The Length of Self Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnotic sound wave illustration

How long should a self hypnosis audio CD or download last? Well, we believe that around 20 to 25 minutes is best. This time frame is actually imposed and supported by our bodies’ natural Ultradian Rhythms. Our own professional and personal experience also suggests that around 20 to 25 minutes, possibly 30 minutes at most, is generally just right for the majority of people. Which is why almost all the self hypnosis recordings here at are within this time frame.

We know that there are hypnotherapists out there who produce recordings that are 40 and 50 minutes, with some being even an hour or more. In our opinion, such recordings are just far too long. There are about 20 to 25 minutes of optimum time in the state of hypnosis. This is true even when visiting a hypnotherapist in person. You might be booked in for a one hour session, which is very common with hypnotherapists, but it is highly unlikely you will spend all that time in the hypnotic state. My many years of experience suggest that after about 20 to 25 minutes people tend to get a sense of “ok that’s enough now” and in many ways, they switch off to the benefit.

Ultradian Rhythms

You have likely heard of Circadian Rhythms before, which are a kind of internal clock that regulates our sleeping and waking cycles and occur just twice daily. Well, Ultradian Rhythms wax and wane more frequently. They tend to cycle our focus and energies every hour and a half or so, with a period of 20 minutes in between.

These natural “downtimes” are the perfect opportunity for self hypnosis. During this time, the mind is more open creatively. After about 20 minutes, our brain and bodies are ready to switch back to that more logical, left brain functioning. This is why after about 20 to 25 minutes or so of self hypnosis you might feel the need to get up and start moving or lose your imaginary focus.

Less is sometimes more

Understanding and working with these natural cycles can benefit us in hypnosis. You are not getting more value out of a self hypnosis session just because it lasts longer. I think that some people make self hypnosis recordings longer as an excuse to charge more. They try to capitalise on the perception that longer is better, when in many ways it is actually the complete opposite. If we thought longer self hypnosis sessions brought about better results, then we would make longer recordings. However, we know scientifically, professionally and personally, that this is not true.

Repetition is the key

You also need to appreciate that when it comes to self hypnosis, repetition is the key. The more you hear hypnotic suggestions, the more likely they are to be accepted by your subconscious. This is known as the “law of concentrated attention” and is one of the main benefits of using self hypnosis recordings. With this in mind, 20 to 25 minute recordings are far more user-friendly. For example, if you had a self hypnosis session that was 45 minutes long, it would be much harder to find the time to listen as frequently, and we know that motivation is helped and maintained if listened to everyday.

As far as we are concerned, 20 to 25 minutes of self hypnosis really is the perfect period of time.