The Swish Technique

We all have a tendency to move away from unpleasant/undesired behaviour and move towards pleasant experiences. The following “Swish Pattern” technique uses this process to guide you into a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

You might pick something like smoking or fear of spiders or you might pick something like being assertive at work or being angry and upset with a friend.

Using this technique, we will guide you through identifying where your problem is and how it got stuck in the first place. We’ll then ask you when or where you would like to behave or respond differently than you do right now?

Secondly, we ask you to identify a ‘cue’ picture of a time when you first started the behaviour. Many people are often on automatic pilot and before they realise they have behaved in the same way, they are in the same situation. For instance, it is probably easy to remember how you feel when you are upset with someone, than to remember the very first thought of when it all started?

So, if it is problems with being assertive, you might remember when it all started and who was there at the time. You might remember what you said (or wanted to say) and then decide other choices of how you could react if it happened again.

Thirdly, we ask you to create a picture of your desired outcome. What is it you want? How do you want to be, react, behave? The better and more intense this is, the better the results.

So, if it was stopping smoking, you could possibly want to see yourself breathing clean and fresh air, feeling healthier and see yourself spending more time with family and friends spending the money you have saved from giving up.

Now for the ‘Swish!’…. We’ll ask you to get a sense of the first picture; big, loud and clear. Next we will ask you to place a black and white picture, very small in the centre of the first one and simply ‘Swish it’! Making the new way of behaving big, bright and beautiful, repeating this process for around 4 or 5 times until you, feel the difference.

There are many books you can read about the Swish Pattern which is a technique with the mind change patterns of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). There are lots of resourceful information sites regarding this process also. However, we feel, to get the best results from the Swish technique, being guided through it by someone else is far easier than reading it on a flat page. Our hypnosis recordings help you to achieve as intense an outcome picture as possible, bringing with it your new feelings and behaviour.