Website Update – New Look, New Features

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Screenshot of our new look website

Our website has just had a makeover! We are delighted with the new design, which has taken months of hard work. We hope you will find the website more visually appealing and easier to use.

We have made many changes, all designed to make our website more user friendly. The most obvious change for regular customers, aside from the new look, is the change to the product pages. The location of the add-to-cart button has moved from the side of the page to just below the product description. On our last website update we experimented with one button and a checkbox for the CD version, but this caused far too much confusion. So there are now two add-to-cart buttons on most pages – for those sessions that are also available in CD format.

New Features

We have made a lot of changes to our website beyond just the location of a couple of buttons, but there are far too many to mention here. So let’s focus on some of the exciting new features that we’ve introduced.


Our new “Wishlists” feature allows you create a list of your favourite sessions as you browse our website. This is great if you’re not quite ready to order a session from us, but you don’t want to search all over again at a later date. In just a couple of clicks you can save items to your wishlist, which will then appear on your account page.

There is now an “Add to your wishlist” link on each product page, just below the order section:

Screenshot of wishlist option

If you want to add an item to a wishlist then click on the link and follow the options. Be sure to login to your account with us first!

You can create different wishlists and name them how you wish. They will appear near the bottom of your account page, as shown here:

Screenshot of wishlists on my account page

You can then click on a wishlist and it will display the products you’ve added. From your list page you can add items directly into the cart, or delete them should you change your mind.

Social Login

We have now made account access and the checkout process easier with the introduction of “Social Login”. Using this feature means you no longer need to remember yet another username and password. If you have an account with Facebook, Google, Amazon or LinkedIn, then you can link any of these to your account.

You can link social profiles by visiting your account page with us. Simply scroll to the bottom (just below the wishlists feature) and you should see the following:

Screenshot of social login

Once you have linked a profile you do not need to remember your username or password with us – just that of your linked account. Please note, this feature is simply a secure way to login to your account with us from another site. Your password with these networks is not revealed to us – just the information needed to create an account with us.

We believe this will be a very handy feature for many of our customers. Of course, this feature is entirely optional. You can still choose to login to your account with us using your regular username and password.

Social Share

We now have social share buttons on every product and article page. If you like a product or thought the article you just read was interesting, then please feel free to click the social share buttons, which will then post a link to the page to your social network.

Screenshot of social share links

As you can see, we have limited this to Facebook and Twitter – the two most popular social networks. Of course, you can still share on other networks too by copying/pasting the URL of the page. If you like what we do then please help spread the word!

Future Updates

Our new website design and also allows us to introduce some other exciting new changes, which we’ve been planning for a while. So please stay tuned for further updates!

We really hope you like our new-look website. We have spent a lot of time testing the site again and again, but if you do happen to spot anything that isn’t quite right then please contact us and let us know.