What Have We Been Doing This Year?

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It has been quite a while since our last blog post and it might seem like we haven’t been doing much of late. However the truth is that throughout 2014 we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes and in the studio.

So, what have we been doing I hear you ask? Well, here’s a run down of the main things we’ve been working on:

A New-look Website

Our last major re-design was only in 2012 but the current website has become quite outdated. Our new-look website is about 90% finished. It’s always the last 10% that seems to take the longest, but it should be ready soon. It will have some helpful new features in addition to the new-look, but the biggest improvement will be for those of you who browse on mobile / small screen devices. It’s taken many months already but if things go to plan then this should go live in January. Fingers crossed!

New Hypnotherapy Sessions

We’re far more excited about the new range of hypnotherapy sessions that we’ve been working on. Many of these have been in development for over a year. Yes, over a year! This is because we take great care in researching and writing the content for any new titles, way before we hit the studio to record them. At the moment we have recorded about 25 new titles, many of which are voiced by a new author that we know you’ll love as much as Barrie and Donna. These new titles cover a wide range of topics and they are currently in the ‘draft’ editing stage – which means, they’re almost ready but not quite. We’re confident that these will start being released in January. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to find out for sure!

New Audio ‘Courses’

In addition to the new titles mentioned above, we have also been working on some really exciting audio “courses” – which will be a series of recordings that complement each other and address one particular topic. We will have 4 courses and these will be for confidence, weight loss, anxiety and depression. Each of these will have 7 sessions, which we’ve already recorded. Like the other sessions, they are currently being edited. They are going to be hugely beneficial for people and we’re super excited about these ones! Again, we hope to have these ready for January.

As you can probably tell, we have got a lot going on right now. Everything seems to be gearing up for release in January. It might have been a better idea to write this blog post after everything is 100% ready and released, but we just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

One last thing… we’re going to be producing many new titles in 2015 so if you have any suggestions then we would really welcome them. In fact, several of the new titles we’ve recently recorded are the result of suggestions we’re received from people like you. So, if you have an idea then just contact us – we’ll be pleased to hear from you!