HypnoShop Upgrade and Coupon Code

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website screenshotOn Friday we launched an updated version of our website. It’s the biggest upgrade we’ve made to our site since 2007, and it took a lot of time and effort. We began the work on this upgrade back in early January – so it’s very pleasing to finally be finished and be able to announce this news.

Most of the changes that have been made are behind-the-scenes – so the look and feel of the site has not altered dramatically, but there are a number of subtle changes and improvements. One of the biggest improvements is the ordering and checkout process, which is now really simple. You can also register an account with us – which saves time when you revisit and it also means you have access to your order history.

You can still choose to order without needing to register, but we would encourage everyone to create an account. To celebrate our new look site and the added functionality, we’re delighted to offer all our registered customers an additional 20% discount. You will need to be logged in to claim this discount, so please take a moment to register your account. Once you’re registered and logged in, use the following coupon code on the shopping cart page:


This will take off 20% from your subtotal. Please note that our regular discounts for ordering multiple sessions still apply.

Here’s the small print:

  • The coupon code only works when you’re logged into the store.
  • The coupon code is valid once per logged in customer.
  • This coupon code expires on May 1st 2012.

We hope you like the changes we’ve made to our website. If you spot any errors during your visits to our site then please let us know. We’ve spent many hours testing the site, but some things can be missed. Hopefully everything is working 100%, but should you spot anything then we’d appreciate you letting us know.